Two vacancies for Clinical Fellow vacancies in Infectious Diseases at Wythenshwe Hospital

Two vacancies for Clinical Fellow vacancies in Infectious Diseases at Wythenshwe HospitalMon, 06/11/2018 - 13:19News blog
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Publication date: 15 March 2019Source: Food Chemistry, Volume 276Author(s): Junya Kamijo, Kiyota Sakai, Hiromitsu Suzuki, Kengo Suzuki, Emi Kunitake, Motoyuki Shimizu, Masashi KatoAbstractPectinolytic enzymes are used in diverse industrial applications. We sought to isolate a pectate lyase from Aspergillus luchuensis var. saitoi, a filamentous fungus used in traditional food and beverage preparation in Japan. The identified enzyme, named AsPelA, is orthologous to PelA from A. luchuensis mut. kawachii (AkPelA); the enzymes exhibit 99% amino acid sequence identity, with Ile140 and Val197 of AsPelA being replaced by Val and A...
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A patient at Hai Duong Hospital near Hanoi, Vietnam, developed an infection from the fungus aspergillus niger, which caused spores of mould to grow in his ear.
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Journal of Natural ProductsDOI: 10.1021/acs.jnatprod.8b00662
Source: Journal of Natural Products - Category: Biochemistry Authors: Source Type: research
CONCLUSIONS: This case highlights the importance of early and accurate identification, debridement, and systemic antifungals to prevent widespread infection. With changes in antifungal care over recent years, engaging infectious disease physicians during treatment is recommended. PMID: 30312971 [PubMed - in process]
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In this study, we aimed at their production by the oleaginous filamentous fungus Aspergillus oryzae via metabolic engineering. Three genes encoding enzymes involved in the synthesis of DGLA and ARA, were isolated from the filamentous fungus Mortierella alpina that produces ARA in a triacylglycerol form. These genes were concatenated to promoters and terminators of highly expressed genes of A. oryzae, and the concatenated DNA fragments were further concatenated with each other to generate a single DNA fragment in the form of a biosynthetic gene cluster. By homologous recombination, the resulting DNA fragment was integr...
Source: Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering - Category: Biomedical Science Source Type: research
Publication date: Available online 11 October 2018Source: Process BiochemistryAuthor(s): Ashraf S.A. El-Sayed, Dalia M.I. Ali, Marwa A. Yassin, Rawia A. Zayed, Gul Shad AliAbstractTaxol is a blockbuster anticancer drug that commercially synthesized from 10-decaetylbaccatin III intermediate of Taxus baccata, however, this technology has been challenged by reproducibility and association of unwanted compounds. Recently, endophytic fungi with fast growing and feasibility of molecular engineering raise the hope for sustainable production of Taxol, unfortunately the loss of their productivity with multiple subculturing is the m...
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Publication date: Available online 11 October 2018Source: Protein Expression and PurificationAuthor(s): Zhou Chen, Ahmed A. Zaky, Yangliu Liu, Yaoyao Chen, Lu Liu, Siting Li, Yingmin JiaAbstractA new extracellular xylanase was purified from a non-toxic mesophilic fungus Aspergillus flavus, and characterized as the β-1, 4-endoxylanase (designated as AfXynA) that appeared in a single protein band on SDS-PAGE with a molecular mass of 20.2 kDa, which is different from all other reported xylanases from the same strain. The AfXynA exhibited a specific activity of 838.2 U/mg. Its optimal temperature and pH were determined ...
Source: Protein Expression and Purification - Category: Biochemistry Source Type: research
Publication date: Available online 11 October 2018Source: Biochemical Engineering JournalAuthor(s): Subash C.B. Gopinath, Ling Wang, R.D.A.A. Rajapaksha, Periasamy Anbu, Palaniyandi Velusamy, Kannaiyan Pandian, M.K. Md Arshad, Thangavel Lakshmipriya, Choul-Gyun LeeAbstractNanoparticles have been paid a great attraction in interdisciplinary sciences owing to their unique characteristics. Different nanoparticles were synthesized in metallic and non-metallic states, showing varied sizes for down-stream applications. Copper nanoparticle (CuNP) has a special attention due to its great electrical, catalytic, optical and mechanic...
Source: Biochemical Engineering Journal - Category: Biochemistry Source Type: research
Publication date: Available online 10 October 2018Source: Arabian Journal of ChemistryAuthor(s): Surbhi Shinde, Priti Paralikar, Avinash P. Ingle, Mahendra RaiAbstractAn approach for green synthesis of magnesium hydroxide nanoparticles [Mg(OH)2NPs] has been developed and its efficacy in seed germination, in vitro and in vivo plant growth promotion was studied on Zea mays at different concentrations. Mg(OH)2NPs at 500 ppm showed improved seed germination (100%) and growth. The effect of Mg(OH)2NPs was analyzed by measurement of plants height and chlorophyll a fluorescence using plant efficiency analyzer. The seedlings grown...
Source: Arabian Journal of Chemistry - Category: Chemistry Source Type: research
Publication date: Available online 11 October 2018Source: Food ControlAuthor(s): Nurhan UNUSANABSTRACTMycotoxins are toxic natural contaminants of food and feeds and are produced by various fungi from Aspergillus, Alternaria, Fusarium, and Penicillium genera. Molds and their toxins have attracted much attention worldwide due to the important economic losses related to their effects on human health and domestic and international trade. Although more than 400 mycotoxins have been identified, most studies have focused on aflatoxins, ochratoxin A, fusarium toxins, zearalenone, patulin, and trichothecenes owing to their relatio...
Source: Food Control - Category: Food Science Source Type: research
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