Photovoice as a listening mode: subsidies for the promotion of equity

This study aimed to broaden listening methods to facilitate dialogue with people in situations of physical frailty and removal from their work activities, using Photovoice, a participatory research-action method, as a tool and Health Promotion's theoretical framework. Images captured and reports that accompanied them consisted of the material of this study. Two thematic categories stood out: the expert decision; and physical condition: vanity, power and ho pe. Labor activity is perceived as a determinant of individuals ’ introduction in their environment and defines their role in the family and in the social field. Faced with disability, they feel deprived of their identity, vulnerable and without future prospects of social reintegration, an individual and familiar misfit process, but without social visibility and with negative consequences for global health is observed. Photovoice proved to be effective in apprehending perceptions and stimulating debate, providing essential inputs to promote equity in socially disadvantaged groups.
Source: Ciencia e Saude Coletiva - Category: Occupational Health Source Type: research

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This study shows promise for viscosupplementation with NASHA in the treatment of ankle OA. A single injection was associated with clinically meaningful reductions in pain and disability during a 26-week period and, in general, was well tolerated.
Source: The Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery - Category: Orthopaedics Source Type: research
Authors: Ceylan A, Aşık İ Abstract Background/aim: Minimally invasive procedures have been increasingly used for the treatment of herniated discs. Nonsurgical interventions minimize the secondary damage to other tissues and shorten the length of hospital stay by avoiding general anesthesia. Possible complications are thermal injuries, root injury, discitis, endplate damage, dural injury, meningitis, infection, increase in pain, and muscle spasm. We aimed to evaluate the efficacy of percutaneous decompression therapy by using intradiscal navigable electrodes on pain and functional movement index in patients with ...
Source: Turkish Journal of Medical Sciences - Category: General Medicine Tags: Turk J Med Sci Source Type: research
Authors: Herrold AA, Smith B, Aaronson AL, Coleman J, Pape TL Abstract The purpose of this study is to characterize and describe the relationships between symptoms and functional impairment following mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) and behavioral health conditions (BHCs) in order to inform evidence-based theories on why symptoms and functional impairments persist in some individuals but not others. This is a retrospective, multi-site, cross-sectional study utilizing data collected from a total of 289 Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom Veterans who were classified into diagnostic groups using the ...
Source: Military Medicine - Category: International Medicine & Public Health Tags: Mil Med Source Type: research
Authors: Garcia K, Moore B, Kim G, Dsurney J, Chan L Abstract The occurrence of persistent postconcussive symptoms (PCS) associated with traumatic brain injury (TBI) is an increasing cause of disability and lost productivity. The reasons for these persistent symptoms in a percentage of even mild TBI are poorly understood. The existence of comorbid conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder or other traumatic injuries may be factors that impact the presence of PCS. We expect that greater levels of affective symptoms will be associated with increases in PCS assessed on the Neurobehavioral Symptom Inventory (NS...
Source: Military Medicine - Category: International Medicine & Public Health Tags: Mil Med Source Type: research
Authors: Cohen S, Gilmore C, Kapural L, Hanling S, Plunkett A, McGee M, Boggs J Abstract Chronic low back pain represents one of the most common sources of disability and a significant healthcare burden for the U.S. military. Present treatments for chronic back pain are often ineffective, poorly tolerated, invasive, destructive, and/or associated with complications and lead to the progression to invasive surgical procedures. There have been multiple calls for the development of a minimally invasive system that is effective without the risks or complications of existing surgical therapies, which could prevent the ne...
Source: Military Medicine - Category: International Medicine & Public Health Tags: Mil Med Source Type: research
Authors: Vitacca M, Marino S, Comini L, Fezzardi L, Paneroni M Abstract Bacterial colonization is a well-known phenomenon in acute care, but scant information is available regarding the rehabilitation setting. We retrospectively analyzed, in COPD patients admitted to a Respiratory Rehabilitative unit in 2010, the number of cultures requested, of positive cultures, and of cultures showing multiple drug resistant (MDR) organisms. We also compared hospital admissions (HA) with versus without positive cultures and with versus without MDR and investigated which baseline variables may predict length of stay (LOS)> 30 ...
Source: COPD: Journal of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease - Category: Respiratory Medicine Tags: COPD Source Type: research
(Natural News) An emotional support animal (ESA) is any animal that is kept by a person with a disability. They may vary in species, shapes, and sizes, but they provide all kinds of therapeutic benefits for their owners. ESAs are different from service animals. Emotional support animals can be any kind of critter, while service animals...
Source: - Category: Consumer Health News Source Type: news
Authors: Li Y, Tran Q, Shrestha R, Piao L, Park S, Park J, Park J Abstract Leucine zipper/EF‑hand‑containing transmembrane protein 1 (LETM1) has been identified as the gene responsible for Wolf‑Hirschhorn syndrome (WHS), which is characterized by intellectual disability, epilepsy, growth delay and craniofacial dysgenesis. LETM1 is a mitochondrial inner membrane protein that encodes a homolog of the yeast protein Mdm38, which is involved in mitochondrial morphology. In the present review, the importance of LETM1 in WHS and its role within the mitochondrion was explored. LETM1 governs the mitocho...
Source: Molecular Medicine Reports - Category: Molecular Biology Tags: Mol Med Rep Source Type: research
CONCLUSIONS: This analysis of real-world data confirms the poor prognosis of patients with R/M SCCHN and provides cost data for future economic evaluations. PMID: 30895832 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: Journal of Medical Economics - Category: Health Management Tags: J Med Econ Source Type: research
Ankle osteoarthritis (OA) can cause disabling symptoms, and some patients prefer to be treated with minimally invasive procedures. Nonanimal hyaluronic acid (NASHA) is a cross-linked hyaluronic acid product that has a prolonged intra-articular residence time. The authors report the first study of NASHA for the treatment of ankle OA. Thirty-seven patients with Kellgren-Lawrence grade II or III ankle OA received an intra-articular injection of NASHA (1 mL). Outcomes included visual analogue scale (VAS) scores for pain and disability.
Source: Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery - Category: Orthopaedics Authors: Tags: Original Research Source Type: research
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