Popular Over-The-Counter Antacids Could Increase The Risk Of Stomach Cancer

This study was not able to prove that the medications lead to a higher risk of gastric cancer, it just suggested an association. They also studied conflicts with another recent study that suggested no increased risk of stomach cancer with these medications. That said, doctors and patients should exercise caution when using them over a long period of time.  
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AbstractPatient-Derived Xenografts (PDXs) are, so far, the best preclinical model to validate targets and predictors of response to therapy. While subcutaneous implantation very rarely allows metastatic dissemination, orthotopic implantation (Patient-Derived Orthotopic Xenograft —PDOX) increases metastatic capability. Using a modified tool to analyze model validity, we performed a systematic review of Embase, PubMed, and Web of Science up to December 2018 to identify all original publications describing gastric cancer (GC) PDOXs. We identified ten studies of PDOX model va lidation from January 1981 to December 2018 t...
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ilde;o Rasmussen Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) is one of the main causes of gastric gancer. TNF-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL) is a protein able to promote apoptosis in cancer cells, however not in gastric cancer, which presents resistance to apoptosis via TRAIL. It is believed that MicroRNA-106b-5p might be involved in this resistance, although its role in Gastric Cancer is unclear. We aimed to determine the expression of microRNA-106b-5p and TRAIL in patients with gastric diseases, infected by H. pylori, and understand the relationship between these genes and their role in apoptosis and the gastric ca...
Source: Genes - Category: Genetics & Stem Cells Authors: Tags: Article Source Type: research
In conclusion, BARX2 expression is aberrantly reduced in GC, which is associated with increased DNA methylation of its promoter. BARX2 inhibits GC cell proliferation, migration, and tumor formation, suggesting that BARX2 acts as a tumor suppressor in gastric carcinogenesis. PMID: 32236603 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: Oncology Reports - Category: Cancer & Oncology Tags: Oncol Rep Source Type: research
High‑throughput and continuous flow isolation of rare circulating tumor cells and clusters in gastric cancer from human whole blood samples using electromagnetic vibration‑based filtration. Oncol Rep. 2020 Mar 30;: Authors: Xiang A, Xue M, Ren F, Wang L, Ye Z, Li D, Ji Q, Ji G, Lu Z Abstract Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) or CTC clusters are considered as suitable and relevant targets for liquid biopsy as they more accurately indicate cancer progression, the therapeutic effects of treatment and allows for monitoring of cancer metastasis in real‑time. Among the various methods for isolating CTCs, ...
Source: Oncology Reports - Category: Cancer & Oncology Tags: Oncol Rep Source Type: research
This study was therefore carried out to investigate the roles of miR-223-5p and TP73-AS1 in gastric cancer (GC) and to explore the interactions between them. In this study, 68 GC patients were included as research subjects. Expression of miR-223-5p and TP73-AS1 was analyzed by RT-qPCR. Dual-luciferase assay and overexpression experiments were used to analyze gene interactions. Transwell assays were used to analyze cell invasion and migration. We found that miR-223-5p was upregulated and TP73-AS1 was downregulated in GC and they were inversely correlated. Altered miR-223-5p and TP73-AS1 expression predicted poor disease-spe...
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Takigawa Kuniaki Okamoto Matrix metalloproteinase 3 (MMP3) plays multiple roles in extracellular proteolysis as well as intracellular transcription, prompting a new definition of moonlighting metalloproteinase (MMP), according to a definition of protein moonlighting (or gene sharing), a phenomenon by which a protein can perform more than one function. Indeed, connective tissue growth factor (CTGF, aka cellular communication network factor 2 (CCN2)) is transcriptionally induced as well as cleaved by MMP3. Moreover, several members of the MMP family have been found within tumor-derived extracellular vesicles (EVs). We...
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Authors: Schlipköter U, Flahault A Abstract The past two centuries have seen enormous achievements in control of infectious diseases, previously the leading cause of death, in large measure due to sanitation and food safety, vaccines, antibiotics and improved nutrition. This has led people to put their faith in the notion that medical science would succeed in overcoming the remaining obstacles. Vaccination has eradicated smallpox, nearly eradicated poliomyelitis and greatly reduced many other highly dangerous infections such as diphtheria, tetanus and measles. New diseases such as HIV and new forms of influenz...
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This study collates the phenotype and molecular data for available CDH1 variants that have been classified, using the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics criteria, as at least ‘likely pathogenic’, and correlates their molecular and structural characteristics to phenotype. We demonstrate that CDH1 variant type and location differ between HDGC and CL/P, and that there is clustering of CL/P variants within linker regions between the extracellular domains of the cadherin protein. While these differences do not provide for exact prediction of the phenotype for a given mutation, they may contrib...
Source: Genes - Category: Genetics & Stem Cells Authors: Tags: Article Source Type: research
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