DR ELLIE CANNON: Are the drugs I'm taking to blame for my hip pain?
Q: I had a mini-stroke and was put on tablets including lansoprazole. After suffering pain, a scan revealed I have early-stage osteoporosis. Should I stop taking lansoprazole? (Source: the Mail online | Health)
Source: the Mail online | Health - April 14, 2024 Category: Consumer Health News Source Type: news

I'm worried heartburn pills will raise my risk of dementia, is that true? Ask DR MARTIN SCURR
I have a hiatus hernia and my doctor has put me on lansoprazole. I've read that proton pump inhibitors like this can cause Alzheimer's if taken for more than four years. Is there any alternative? (Source: the Mail online | Health)
Source: the Mail online | Health - March 18, 2024 Category: Consumer Health News Source Type: news

Fast Heartburn Relief Without Deadly Drugs
Since gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) was first identified in the early 1930s, the number of people experiencing heartburn has increased substantially. In fact, one study shows that in just 10 years, the number of people experiencing:1 Any GERD symptoms increased by 30% Symptoms at least once a week increased by 47% Severe GERD increased by 24% While these numbers are concerning, I’ll admit they’re not surprising considering the typical American diet. Our nutrition-less, grain-based diet of carbohydrates and starches has wrecked our health and made our bodies behave in ways nature never intended. This has led ...
Source: Al Sears, MD Natural Remedies - August 28, 2023 Category: Complementary Medicine Authors: Jacob Tags: Health Heart Health Natural Cures Nutrition Source Type: news

Vonoprazan Promising for Erosive Esophagitis Vonoprazan Promising for Erosive Esophagitis
The oral potassium-competitive acid blocker vonoprazan was noninferior and superior to the proton pump inhibitor lansoprazole for erosive esophagitis in a phase 3 trial.Medscape Medical News (Source: Medscape Gastroenterology Headlines)
Source: Medscape Gastroenterology Headlines - October 18, 2022 Category: Gastroenterology Tags: Gastroenterology News Source Type: news

Vonoprazan Just as Good or Better Than Lansoprazole for Erosive Esophagitis
(MedPage Today) -- Vonoprazan (Voquezna) was noninferior to lansoprazole (Prevacid) for healing patients with erosive esophagitis, and was superior for maintaining healing, a randomized trial showed. In a modified intention-to-treat analysis including... (Source: MedPage Today Gastroenterology)
Source: MedPage Today Gastroenterology - October 12, 2022 Category: Gastroenterology Source Type: news

Efficacy and Safety of Keverprazan for Erosive Esophagitis Efficacy and Safety of Keverprazan for Erosive Esophagitis
In this study, keverprazan, a novel potassium-competitive acid blocker, showed comparable safety and efficacy to lansoprazole in treating erosive esophagitis.Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics (Source: Medscape Today Headlines)
Source: Medscape Today Headlines - September 14, 2022 Category: Consumer Health News Tags: Gastroenterology Journal Article Source Type: news

Esophageal Diseases Highlights From DDW 2022 Esophageal Diseases Highlights From DDW 2022
From DDW 2022, Dr Sachin Wani reports on key studies in esophageal disease, including results comparing vonoprazan and lansoprazole, and data from the 96-week extension study of the EOS-2 trial.Medscape (Source: Medscape Today Headlines)
Source: Medscape Today Headlines - June 20, 2022 Category: Consumer Health News Tags: Gastroenterology ReCAP Source Type: news

FDA Approves Voquezna Triple Pak (vonoprazan, amoxicillin, clarithromycin) and Voquezna Dual Pak (vonoprazan, amoxicillin) for the Treatment of H. pylori Infection in Adults
Voquezna Triple and Dual Paks each contain vonoprazan, a novel, first-in-class potassium-competitive acid blocker (PCAB), and have demonstrated superior eradication rates vs. lansoprazole-based triple therapy in the overall... (Source: Drugs.com - New Drug Approvals)
Source: Drugs.com - New Drug Approvals - May 4, 2022 Category: Drugs & Pharmacology Source Type: news

Palliative Care in Assisted Living
Mrs. M is a 92-year-old woman residing in an assisted living community. Her medical history includes hypertension, gout, hyperlipidemia, atrial fibrillation, hypothyroidism, and melanoma with invasion into the parotid gland; she has had removal of a lesion and a parotidectomy with nerve involvement impacting the 7th cranial nerve. Her medications include oral levothyroxine, 100 μg daily; oral vitamin D, 1,000 units daily; oral probenecid 500/colchicine, 0.5 mg daily; oral lisinopril, 5 mg daily; oral furosemide, 20 mg daily; oral duloxetine, 60 mg for depression; oral carvedilol, 6.25 mg twice a day; oral aspirin, 81 mg d...
Source: Caring for the Ages - March 29, 2022 Category: Health Management Authors: Barbara Resnick, Paige Hector Tags: Interdisciplinary Team Case Studies Source Type: news

Mechanicsburg Man Sentenced To 48 Months ’ Imprisonment for Product Tampering
FDA OCI, Robert K. Burns, Mechanicsburg PA, sentence, tampering, replace, pills, lansoprazole, reseal bottles, return, store, sinus relief, toothpaste, tamper-resistant seal, (Source: Office of Criminal Investigations (OCI) Press Releases)
Source: Office of Criminal Investigations (OCI) Press Releases - January 26, 2022 Category: Medical Law Authors: DOJ Source Type: news

Dr Reddy's launches stomach, esophagus problems treatment drug in the US
Quoting IQVIA Health data, Dr Reddy's said the Prevacid brand and generic had US sales of approximately USD 87 million for the most recent 12 months ending in December 2020. (Source: The Economic Times Healthcare and Biotech News)
Source: The Economic Times Healthcare and Biotech News - February 22, 2021 Category: Pharmaceuticals Source Type: news

Janssen Announces U.S. FDA Approval of CABENUVA (rilpivirine and cabotegravir), the First Long-Acting Regimen for the Treatment of HIV
TITUSVILLE, N.J., January 21, 2021 – The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson today announced the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved CABENUVA (consisting of Janssen’s rilpivirine and ViiV Healthcare’s cabotegravir), the first and only once-monthly, long-acting regimen for the treatment of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) infection in adults. The novel regimen was co-developed as part of a collaboration with ViiV Healthcare and builds on Janssen’s 25-year commitment to make HIV history. In the U.S., ViiV Healthcare is the marketing authorization holder for CABENUVA.C...
Source: Johnson and Johnson - January 22, 2021 Category: Pharmaceuticals Tags: Innovation Source Type: news

Growing evidence suggests popping too many heartburn pills is actually CAUSING tummy troubles 
In fact, experts warn that the over-reliance on drugs such as omeprazole and lansoprazole could even explain a recent surge in diagnoses of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). (Source: the Mail online | Health)
Source: the Mail online | Health - December 5, 2020 Category: Consumer Health News Source Type: news

Could Heartburn Meds Lead to Drug-Resistant Germs?
The findings do not prove that PPIs -- which include popular brands such as Prilosec (omeprazole), Prevacid (lansoprazole) and Nexium (esomeprazole) -- are the cause, experts said.         But they are the latest to raise safety questions about the top-selling prescription and over-the-counter medicines. (Source: WebMD Health)
Source: WebMD Health - February 25, 2020 Category: Consumer Health News Source Type: news

CVS Halts Sale of Heartburn Treatment Zantac as FDA Warns of Contaminants
CVS has halted sales of popular heartburn treatment Zantac and its generic store brand after warnings by U.S. health regulators. It’s the latest precautionary move by retailers and manufacturers after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently warned consumers about a potentially dangerous contaminant in prescription and over-the-counter versions of Zantac. In its announcement this weekend, CVS said customers who bought Zantac products can return them for a refund. The retailer will continue to sell other heartburn medications. What’s the issue? In September, the FDA said it detected low levels of a probabl...
Source: TIME: Health - September 30, 2019 Category: Consumer Health News Authors: LINDA A. JOHNSON / AP Tags: Uncategorized medicine onetime Source Type: news