Isolated popliteal artery lesion due to giant cell vasculitis post COVID-19 mRNA vaccine and COVID-19 asymptomatic infection

CONCLUSION AND RESULT: Our case represents the first reported case of isolated popliteal GCA following vaccination with a COVID-19 mRNA vaccine and COVID-19 infection. We propose that the upregulated immune response to the vaccine acted as a trigger for GCA in this patient with predisposing risk factors and recurrent and repetitive microtrauma in popliteal fossa (the patient is a professional runner). Our case suggests the need for further studies about real world incidence of GCA associated vaccination and COVID-19 infection. Currently, data is limited regarding this relationship. We continue to encourage COVID-19 vaccination, even in elderly patients because the benefits of vaccination far outweigh any theoretical risk of immune dysregulation following administration.PMID:36200437 | PMC:PMC9535462 | DOI:10.1177/17085381221126234
Source: Vascular - Category: Surgery Authors: Source Type: research