Wheat Free Market: Baking Mixes!
Wheat Free Market just released their new Baking Mixes: Ginger Spice, Chocolate Chip, Mixed Berry, and Flaxseed Wrap! Gary at Wheat Free Market sent me a batch to try. These mixes are meant to be quick and easy ways to have a tasty and hefty quick muffin made in the microwave, or to bake them up in the oven in a few minutes without having to assemble the ingredients. Each single-serve packet makes 1 large muffin in the microwave or two medium-sized muffins in the oven. (Or two flaxseed wraps per packet.) (An egg and a tablespoon of milk, coconut milk, almond milk, or cream are needed.) Here are a couple of my efforts. This...
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Building Unity Farm - The Year of Produce
I skipped my Unity Farm post last week due to the events in Boston that required undivided attention.2012 was the year of animals at Unity Farm since we acquired our herds and flocks from May to August of that year.   2013 will be the year of produce as we create the mushroom farm, orchard, and hoop house.Last weekend, after the Marathon related events subsided I finished cutting the 220 oak logs needed for the Spring inoculation of 11 types of Shitake and the 72 poplar logs needed for cultivating 6 types of Oyster mushrooms.Using 85% shade cloth, my wife and I built the 10x30 foot shade house pictured above. &nb...
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Building Unity Farm - Planting the Orchard
As Spring approaches, Kathy and I are diligently planning the fruits and vegetables of Unity farm. Our first year on the farm was about creating infrastructure and building the animal herds. Our second year will be about expanding the scope to include an extensive orchard, raised beds, a greenhouse, a hoop house/high tunnel, and mushroom farm. We're working with the town of Sherborn on an overall land management plan, respecting all wetland borders, setbacks, and regulations.   They town already approved the cutting of poplars for the mushroom farm. We've resurveyed the entire property and marked all wetland borders/b...
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Building Unity Farm - Naming the Landscape
I'm a great admirer of Edwin Way Teale's Pulitzer prize winning work about his travels across the United States during the four seasons and about his last 20 years of life on an old farm in northeast Connecticut. I was recently asked to keynote a conference at the Mohegan Sun and took the road less traveled so that I could visit Teale's property, which is now an Audubon preserve.Trail Wood is very similar to Unity Farm -  We have woodland, meadow, wetland, streams, and pasture.     I've created about a mile of trails thus far and we're busy crafting place names like Forgot-me-not marsh, Bluebird meadow, and ...
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Strawberries look like Valentines
Just a short post to wish you a very happy and healthy Valentine's Day.  As I was looking at the picture of the Strawberries in the header of this blog, I thought about how much like the heart a strawberry standing on it's end looks.  In fact the Raspberries in the picture in this post are similar. Did you ever notice?  They are pretty little fruits.  In a few short months, Strawberries will be "in season", but some of you are enjoying some strawberries dipped in chocolate today, perhaps.  And toward the middle of the summer, our wild Raspberry bushes will be producing, I dream of such days, w...
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Does Raspberry Ketone Promote Weight Loss?
Raspberry ketone is an aromatic compound found in red raspberries. It's extracted and used in perfumes and cosmetics and it's also used as a flavoring agent in some fruit-flavored foods. ...Read Full Post (Source: About.com Nutrition)
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