Re: Acute middle ear infection (acute otitis media) in children
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Using Ceftriaxone to treat Acute Otitis Media
It seems in the last 3-6 months I’ve seen at least 1-2 kids a month that need a course of Ceftriaxone to treat ear infections that didn’t seem to respond to oral antibiotics. I’m only 3 years post residency. And in residency I think I probably saw a max of three kids that needed Ceftriaxone. I practice in the suburbs of an East Coast city. Maybe the number of cases I’m seeing aren’t that significant and so I’m wondering if anyone else is seeing anything similar in their practices? (Source: Student Doctor Network)
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μΥ StorΥ
Thread Starter μΥ StorΥ Follow 13 minutes ago 13m ago Hi everyone! I’m 23 year...
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NPs vs. MD's.
Not a "troll" here, just have plenty of years experience as an NP, from a "real university", not some on-line thing, and have some thoughts/comments, for you to consider: 1. There is no doubt that MD students have much deeper & broader basic science training than any NP I have every known. 2. Big question.... do you really need all that biochem, histology, anatomy to treat sinusitis or DMII? 3. Most NPs, after several years "on the job" training, are quite compentent to handle otitis... NPs vs. MD's. (Source: Student Doctor Network)
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Re: Are topical antibiotics an alternative to oral antibiotics for children with acute otitis media and ear discharge?
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Positive Shadowing Experience
I see some disheartening threads on the SDN forums, and I want to post something uplifting. I shadowed my DO pediatrician today and it was a very positive experience. The guy is happy as a clam. He works 4 days a week so that he can spend his Mondays going to the park/zoo/beach with his 2-year-old daughter. He said that the work of a ped provides a lot of fulfillment, and he really feels like he truly engenders well-being on children. One of the hang-ups I had about going into medicine (particularly primary care) is that I thought it might be boring (otitis, common cold, child check-up, repeat). He told that while he s...
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