Gap year: live somewhere I ’ve always wanted or Spanish speaking country?
Hello, I wanted to ask for some opinions. I’m taking a gap year and am currently looking into applying to programs and jobs abroad. I figured this might be my only chance to do this while I’m young, and I’d love to experience living in a foreign country for a year. I will mainly be pursuing research related jobs. I visited Morocco recently for a short period of time and absolutely loved it! I would really love to experience living there. This would be my top choice if other things didn’t... Gap year: live somewhere I’ve always wanted or Spanish speaking country? (Source: Student Doctor Network)
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Dutch "populist" politician calls for "fewer Moroccans": put on trial
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Does Oxford accepte the moroccan students ? Ans How much I must to pay in the year ?
Hi, I'm a moroccan student I want to coming to the oxford university of medicine I'm 16 years old I spend my baccalauriat into 2 year and I want to come to study in U.K if it possible tell me about how much I must have my baccalauriat (note) and I com in 2017. I'm scientifique student and tell me more informations pls (Source: New Media Medicine)
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