" An elderly T2 DM patient with Hepatic carcinoma what treatment guidelines do you advice?"
      I have  a an interesting elderly diabetic patient who has undergone cholecystectomy devloped Hepatoma  recently has of late high blood sugar levels.As he is on anti cancer drugs is there any special guidelines for his giabetic control? Dr Valluri Ramarao Family physician (Source: Doc2Doc BMJ Cardiology)
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surviving complex congenital heart disease
The NEJM have just published a case series of 4 patients who survived complex congenital heart disease to go onto develop hepatocellular carcinoma. It makes me think that we need to be more vigilant in those adults who survive such complex operations in childhood. Do we need more specialists in grown-up congenital heart disease?sadian (Source: Doc2Doc BMJ Cardiology)
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