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Pfizer Says Court Invalidates Celebrex Patent
Pfizer said a federal court has invalidated a reissue patent that would have offered an additional 18 months of U.S. exclusivity — and monopoly sales — to its blockbuster painkiller Celebrex. (Source: WSJ.com: Health)
Source: WSJ.com: Health - March 13, 2014 Category: Pharmaceuticals Tags: PAID Source Type: news

Here's How Big Pfizer Is
Earlier today Pfizer stock was halted by the New York Stock Exchange. The reason: A Virginia court had invalidated the patent on the company's drug Celebrex, which is expected to generate $2.1 billion in annual sales in 2014. In the worst case, generics of Celebrex could be available starting May 30, says Mark Schoenebaum at ISI Group, dropping earnings per share by $0.12 cents. Which sounds disastrous. Celebrex was supposed to last until early 2016, meaning that Pfizer is losing about $3 billion in revenues. (Source: Forbes.com Healthcare News)
Source: Forbes.com Healthcare News - March 12, 2014 Category: Pharmaceuticals Authors: Matthew Herper Source Type: news

Pfizer says U.S. court invalidates Celebrex patent; generics loom
(Reuters) - A U.S. court ruled invalid a patent covering Pfizer Inc's blockbuster Celebrex painkiller, the drugmaker said, giving generic rivals an earlier U.S. entry that analysts estimated could cost the company $3 billion in revenue by the end of 2015. (Source: Reuters: Health)
Source: Reuters: Health - March 12, 2014 Category: Consumer Health News Tags: healthNews Source Type: news

How Common is Hypersensitivity Cross-Reactivity with NSAIDs?
In this study, acetaminophen did not show cross-reactivity which is different than other studies that have shown ~25% cross-reactivity. The authors note that they did challenge testing which is different than many studies that use clinical history as the defining element of cross-reactivity. Questions for Further Discussion 1. What is the definition of angioedema? 2. What evaluation should be considered for a patient with potential NSAID hypersensitivity reaction? 3. What treatment options are available for pain and fever relief for patients with an NSAID hypersensitivity reaction? Related Cases Disease: Drug Reaction | St...
Source: PediatricEducation.org - February 17, 2014 Category: Pediatrics Authors: pediatriceducationmin Tags: Uncategorized Source Type: news

Pre-operative Celecoxib Treatment in Primary Breast CancerPre-operative Celecoxib Treatment in Primary Breast Cancer
Learn more about the effect of COX-2 inhibition in primary breast cancer and whether it should be further considered as a treatment option. Breast Cancer Research (Source: Medscape Today Headlines)
Source: Medscape Today Headlines - October 2, 2013 Category: Consumer Health News Tags: Hematology-Oncology Journal Article Source Type: news

Investigational submicron diclofenac reduces use of opioid rescue medication in post-surgical pain in a Phase 3 study
Iroko Pharmaceuticals, LLC, a global specialty pharmaceutical company dedicated to advancing the science of analgesia, has announced that the company's investigational, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) submicron diclofenac reduced the use of opioid rescue medication in patients with acute pain following bunionectomy surgery. Specifically, the study showed that significantly fewer patients who received submicron particle diclofenac capsules 35 mg (82 percent; P = 0.002) or 18 mg (85 percent; P = 0.005), or who received active comparator celecoxib (85 percent; P = 0... (Source: Health News from Medical News Today)
Source: Health News from Medical News Today - September 9, 2013 Category: Consumer Health News Tags: Pain / Anesthetics Source Type: news

High-dose painkiller heart risk: small but significant
Conclusion This large review adds to, and expands on, the current evidence on the risks of vascular disease and gastrointestinal complications for different NSAIDs. It largely concentrates on trials of high doses of NSAIDs that can only be prescribed by a doctor. It is unclear from this study whether there is any risk from taking lower doses available over the counter. While most experts advise that low-dose NSAIDs, taken occasionally, are safe for most people, an accompanying editorial points out that there are still “large gaps” in evidence on the risks with lower doses of NSAIDs. While the risk to individual...
Source: NHS News Feed - May 30, 2013 Category: Consumer Health News Tags: Medication Heart/lungs Source Type: news

Pfizer Celecoxib meets primary endpoint in Phase IV juvenile idiopathic arthritis trial
Pfizer Celecoxib has met its primary endpoint in a Phase IV trial evaluating its effects on blood pressure in paediatric patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA). (Source: Drug Development Technology)
Source: Drug Development Technology - April 28, 2013 Category: Pharmaceuticals Source Type: news

Some Pain Drugs Increase the Risk of Heart Attack
ROCHESTER, Minn. — Some of the most common pain drugs used by older adults who experience discomfort in muscles and joints can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. The April issue of Mayo Clinic Health Letter covers the risks of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) that include celecoxib (Celebrex), diclofenac (Voltaren), ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin [...] (Source: Mayo Clinic Health Information)
Source: Mayo Clinic Health Information - April 26, 2013 Category: Consumer Health News Source Type: news

Pfizer fails to end lawsuit over Bextra, Celebrex safety
(Reuters) - Pfizer Inc has failed to persuade a federal judge to dismiss a shareholder lawsuit accusing the company of fraudulently misrepresenting the safety of its Celebrex and Bextra pain-relieving drugs. (Source: Reuters: Health)
Source: Reuters: Health - March 29, 2013 Category: Consumer Health News Tags: healthNews Source Type: news

Pfizer Painkiller Gets Longer Patent Protection
Pfizer could gain an additional 18 months of U.S. exclusivity—and monopoly sales—for its painkiller Celebrex because the government effectively reinstated a patent whose claims were previously struck down in court. (Source: WSJ.com: Health)
Source: WSJ.com: Health - March 6, 2013 Category: Pharmaceuticals Tags: PAID Source Type: news