Surgical Treatment for Avulsion Fractures of the Anterolateral Ligament Associated with Periarticular Fractures of the Knee

This study aims to confirm the existence of ALL and evaluate the clinical outcomes of surgical management for avulsion fractures, involving its insertion, when associated with periarticular knee fractures. Twenty-three patients (16 males and 7 females) with avulsion fractures of the ALL associated with periarticular knee fractures were fixed with a spider plate, cannulated screw, or suture anchor. Eight patients were diagnosed with distal femoral fracture, 10 with tibial plateau fracture, and 5 with tibial eminence avulsion fracture. All patients underwent X-rays at follow-up. Clinical and functional outcomes were assessed with the pivot-shift test, objective and subjective International Knee Documentation Committee (IKDC) score, Lysholm score, and Tegner activity scale. The ALL was found and identified as a distinct ligamentous structure in all patients. Prior to Segond repair, patients had significantly more instability, as determined by pivot-shift test, than seen postoperatively (p 
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Raynham, Mass., Aug. 25, 2021 -- The Johnson &Johnson Medical Devices Companies* announced that DePuy Synthes,** The Orthopaedics Company of Johnson &Johnson, will feature new products and technology solutions shaping new standards of care for modern day orthopaedics during the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) annual meeting Aug. 31–Sept. 3 in San Diego. From robotics and more personalized implants to connected instrumentation, advanced imaging and visualization technology, DePuy Synthes will showcase next generation product innovations spanning its VELYS™ Digital Surgery, Hip, Knee, Shou...
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Int J Mol Cell Med. 2021 Winter;10(1):23-33. doi: 10.22088/IJMCM.BUMS.10.1.23. Epub 2021 May 22.ABSTRACTColorectal cancer (CRC) is one of the most prevalent diagnosed cancers and a common cause of cancer-related mortality. Despite effective clinical responses, a large proportion of patients undergo resistance to radiation therapy. Therefore, the identification of efficient targeted therapy strategies would be beneficial to overcome cancer radioresistance. Doublecortin-like kinase 1 (DCLK1) is an intestinal and pancreatic stem cell marker that showed overexpression in a variety of cancers. The transfection of DCLK1 siRNA to...
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Ionizing radiation (IR) principally acts through induction of DNA damage that promotes cell death, although the biological effects of IR are more broad ranging. In fact, the impact of IR of higher-linear energy transfer (LET) on cell biology is generally not well understood. Critically, therefore, the cellular enzymes and mechanisms responsible for enhancing cell survival following high-LET IR are unclear. To this effect, we have recently performed siRNA screening to identify deubiquitylating enzymes that control cell survival specifically in response to high-LET α-particles and protons, in comparison to low-LET X-ra...
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Conclusions: Polyaxial pedicular screws with a U-shaped rod offer an effective and reproducible treatment for spondylolysis with an appropriate fusion rate, predictable return to daily activities, and good pain relief in young adults.
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Proton therapy is a type of hadron radiotherapy used for treating solid tumors. Unlike heavy charged elements, proton radiation is considered to be low LET (Linear Energy Transfer) radiation, like X-rays. However, the clinical SOBP (Spread Out Bragg Peak) proton radiation is considered to be higher in relative biological effectiveness (RBE) than both X-ray and their own entrance region. The RBE is estimated to be 1.1–1.2, which can be attributed to the higher LET at the SOBP region than at the entrance region. In order to clarify the nature of higher LET near the Bragg peak of proton radiation and its potential cytot...
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In conclusion, targeting HMGB1 may represent a promising strategy to increase the efficacy of radiation therapy for ESCC.PMID:33986864 | PMC:PMC8114541 | DOI:10.3892/ol.2021.12764
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We examined lethal damages of X rays induced by direct and indirect actions, in terms of double-strand break (DSB) repair susceptibility using two kinds of repair-deficient Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell lines. These CHO mutants (51D1 and xrs6) are genetically deficient in one of the two important DNA repair pathways after genotoxic injury [homologous recombination (HR) and non-homologous end binding (NHEJ) pathways, respectively]. The contribution of indirect action on cell killing can be estimated by applying the maximum level of dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) to get rid of OH radicals. To control the proportion of direct an...
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An artificial intelligence (AI) model was able to detect most types of trauma-relate...Read more on AuntMinnie.comRelated Reading: AI aids in risk assessment on x-rays after total hip arthroplasty 3D models enable custom treatment of complex acetabular fractures AI improves lung cancer detection on x-rays Using AI with x-ray improves hip fracture diagnosis 3D printing cuts hip fracture repair time, blood loss
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CONCLUSION: This case presentation and literature review comprise the most relevant clinical, radiographic, and treatment details described in the international literature to date, providing the reader with an overview of this rare condition. PMID: 33362997 [PubMed]
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Conclusions: Here, we utilized a unique pelvic reconstruction technique utilizing pedicle screws/rods, double iliac screws/rods, and bilateral fibula strut grafts extending from the L4-sacrum filled with BMP. PMID: 33194269 [PubMed]
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