Lacrimal scintigraphy BNMS Guidelines

Purpose The purpose of this guideline is to assist specialists in Nuclear Medicine and Radionuclide Radiology in recommending, performing, interpreting and reporting the results of lacrimal scintigraphy (also known as Dacroscintigraphy). This guideline will assist individual departments to formulate their own local protocols. This does not aim to be prescriptive regarding technical aspects of individual camera acquisitions, which need to be developed in conjunction with the local experts in medical physics. There are numerous radiological techniques to assess the physiology of the lacrimal system. This guideline will describe the application of a drop of radiotracer into each eye and consecutive imaging to demonstrate the level of impaired drainage, with the possibility of quantifying such impairment. This guideline is a recent and updated version of a previously published guideline on the British Nuclear Medicine Society website in 2018 [1].
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