Tokay geckos (Gekkonidae: Gekko gecko) preferentially use substrates that elicit maximal adhesive performance [SHORT COMMUNICATION]

Austin M. Garner, Alexandra M. Pamfilie, Ali Dhinojwala, and Peter H. Niewiarowski Gecko substrate use is likely influenced by adhesive performance, yet few studies have demonstrated this empirically. Herein we examine the substrate use, adhesive performance, and vertical clinging behaviour of Gekko gecko in captivity to investigate whether adhesive performance influences patterns of substrate use. We found that geckos were observed significantly more often on the substrate (glass) that elicited maximal adhesive performance relative to its availability within our experimental enclosures, indicating that geckos preferentially use substrates on which their adhesive performance is maximal. Our work here provides additional, yet crucial data establishing connections between adhesive performance and patterns of substrate use in captivity, suggesting the hypothesis that substrate preferences of free-ranging geckos should be correlated with adhesive performance. Clearly, future experimental and field research is necessary to test this hypothesis and identify other parameters that individually and/or collectively influence the habitat use of free-ranging geckos.
Source: Journal of Experimental Biology - Category: Biology Authors: Tags: SHORT COMMUNICATION Source Type: research
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