Impact of embryo quality and endometrial thickness on implantation in natural cycle IVF

AbstractPurposeThe aim of this study is to assess the effect of the endometrial thickness and embryo quality on the implantation potential in natural cycle IVF (NC-IVF).MethodsA retrospective single-center study was performed on 552 single embryo transfers after NC-IVF. The ‘quality' of the embryos was evaluated trough the number and regularity of blastomeres, degree of fragmentation, and nuclear content of cells. Endometrial thickness was measured in millimeters with transvaginal ultrasound on the day of hCG application.ResultsOur findings showed a statistically significant difference in successful implantation until a plateau of 10  mm is reached (p = 0.001). Only one pregnancy was achieved where endometrial thickness was less than 7 mm, and this resulted in an early miscarriage. The predictors of favorable implantation were fragmentation (≤ 10%,p 
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Abstract OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effects of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) on maternal, perinatal and neonatal outcomes by performing a systematic review of available published literature on pregnancies affected by COVID-19. METHODS: We performed a systematic review to evaluate the effects of COVID-19 on pregnancy, perinatal and neonatal outcomes. We conducted a comprehensive literature search using PubMed, EMBASE, the Cochrane Library, China National Knowledge Infrastructure Database and Wan Fang Data until 20 April 2020 (studies were identified through PubMed alert after that date). For the research...
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Authors: Osaro E, Azachi WB, Tosan E Abstract A case report of a 38 years old ABO group A and Rhesus D negative multiparous, gravidae 8 and para 2, Nigerian woman who had a case of premarital miscarriage and who was not offered anti-D prophylaxis as part of her management. Lady went on to develop alloantibody D and Jka. Lady has had 7 further pregnancies post the miscarriage. The first child who is B Rhesus D positive is the only surviving child. The surviving child was delivered severely jaundiced and needed management post-delivery for haemolytic disease of the foetus and newborn (HDFN). Lady has had a histo...
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CONCLUSIONS: The inter-rater agreement of 3D US assessment of adenomyosis is poor. Furthermore, sonographic markers of adenomyosis may not be associated with altered pregnancy outcomes following transfer of a single thawed euploid blastocyst. These findings suggest that routine screening for adenomyosis in an unselected infertile patient population undergoing frozen embryo transfer may not be warranted. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved. PMID: 32349167 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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The objective of this study is to examine the safety of celocentesis. METHOD: Celocentesis was performed for prenatal diagnosis of hemoglobinopathies in 402 singleton pregnancies, in which both parents were carriers of thalassaemia or sickle cell disease trait. We assessed procedure-related maternal discomfort or pain, success of sampling and obtaining of results, pregnancy outcome and postnatal follow up. RESULTS: First, celocentesis was carried out at a median gestational age of 8.6 (range 6.9-9.9) weeks and celomic fluid was successfully aspirated in 99.8% cases. Second, 67% of women had no or only mild discom...
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Abstract BACKGROUND: There has been an unprecedented fall in stillbirth in twin pregnancies in the UK. It is contested whether implementation of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidance on the antenatal management of uncomplicated twin pregnancies may have contributed to this change. The aim of this study was to investigate whether the implementation of NICE guidance is associated with a reduction in stillbirth in twin pregnancy. METHODS: This was a cohort study including all twin pregnancies at St George's Hospital, London, UK. Data were analysed according to two time periods: Gr...
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Paco Matallana C Abstract OBJECTIVE: To estimate the risk of miscarriage associated to chorionic villus sampling (CVS). METHODS: This was a retrospective cohort study performed in eight fetal-medicine units in Spain, Belgium and Bulgaria. Two populations were included: first, all singleton pregnancies attending to their first-trimester assessment in Murcia, Spain, and second, all singleton pregnancies having a CVS following first-trimester assessment at any of the participating centers. We used propensity score matching analysis to estimate the association between CVS and miscarriage. We compared risks of mi...
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CONCLUSIONS: The scoring system was easy to use. A score of ≥1 could be used to counsel women who have a high likelihood of viable pregnancy beyond the first trimester. PMID: 32245913 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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CONCLUSIONS: Using robust consensus science methods, healthcare professionals, researchers, and women with endometriosis have developed a core outcome set to standardise outcome selection, collection, and reporting across future randomised controlled trials and systematic reviews evaluating potential treatments for endometriosis. TWEETABLE ABSTRACT: @coreoutcomes for future #endometriosis research have been developed @jamesmnduffy. PMID: 32227676 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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More than 130 million women give birth around the world each year. During pregnancy, changes in the immune system make women generally more susceptible to respiratory infections. And this year, pregnant women also have to worry about COVID-19, a virus that can affect a person’s lungs and airways. The U.K. government announced on Monday that pregnant women were at an increased risk of severe illness from coronavirus (COVID-19). Speaking at a press conference, Public Health England chief medical officer Chris Whitty said people in the “high risk” category should stay at home for 12 weeks. (That includes pe...
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Discussion –— Cesarean scar ectopic pregnancy (CSEP) or Cesarean scar pregnancy (CSP) is a rare form of ectopic pregnancy resulting from implantation of a blastocyst within myometrial scar tissue (old uterine scars) in the anterior lower uterine segment (LUS) at the site of prior Cesarean section.— It is considered amongst the rarest type of ectopic pregnancy, although some do not include it in the category of ectopic pregnancy as implantation occurs within the uterus itself.— Incidence is on rise due to increasing numbers of elective Cesarean sections as well as improved detection with tr...
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