Effects of Exercise Training on Blood Pressure Variability

Conditions:   Hypertension;   Cardiac Disease Interventions:   Procedure: combined exercise;   Procedure: aerobic exercise Sponsor:   IRCCS San Raffaele Recruiting
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A better understanding of how hypertension control differs between population subgroups may help improve management and reduce disparities.American Journal of Epidemiology
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We describe the use of the Impella 5.0 (Abiomed Inc., Danvers, Massachusetts) as a bridge to HeartMate 3 implantation in a highly sensitized patient with severe pulmonary hypertension following the Mustard procedure for TGA.
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This study aimed to assess the hemodynamic effects of concomitant MVS. Of all 73 enrolled patients, 44 patients had undergone concomitant MVS and 29 patients had not. Before LVAD implantation, MVS group had higher pulmonary capillary wedge pressure (p = 0.04). After LVAD implantation, MVS group had higher mean pulmonary artery pressure and cardiac output (CO). During the hemodynamic ramp study, MVS group had steeper CO slopes (0.18 [0.13 0.28] vs. 0.15 [0.08, 0.20] L/min/step; p = 0.04) at incremental LVAD speed and achieved a higher CO at the optimized set speed (5.5 [4.7, 6.9] vs. 4.9 [4.0, 5.7] L/min; p = 0.03). One-yea...
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Children with end-stage lung failure awaiting lung transplant would benefit from improvements in artificial lung technology allowing for wearable pulmonary support as a bridge-to-transplant therapy. In this work, we designed, fabricated, and tested the Pediatric MLung—a dual-inlet hollow fiber artificial lung based on concentric gating, which has a rated flow of 1 L/min, and a pressure drop of 25 mm Hg at rated flow. This device and future iterations of the current design are designed to relieve pulmonary arterial hypertension, provide pulmonary support, reduce ventilator-associated injury, and allow for more effecti...
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A 43 ‐year‐old man who was treated with interferon‐beta for multiple sclerosis was presented with hypertension, headache, nausea/vomiting, blurred vision, and renal dysfunction. The treatment with drugs and dialysis relieved the symptoms. Despite plasmapheresis is known to cause improvement in rena l function, no such improvement was seen in patient. AbstractA 43 ‐year‐old man who was treated with interferon‐beta for multiple sclerosis was presented with hypertension, headache, nausea/vomiting, blurred vision, and renal dysfunction. The treatment with drugs and dialysis relieved the symptoms. Despite plasmapher...
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We report a phase I pharmacological study of an oral formulation of CKD ‐516, a vascular‐disrupting agent, in patients with refractory solid tumors. Twenty‐seven patients (16 in the dose‐escalation cohort and 11 in the expansion cohort) received a single daily dose (5‐25 mg) of CKD‐516 five days per week. Nausea (67%) and diarrhea (63%) were the most common treatment‐related adverse events. The recommended phase II dose of oral CKD‐516 was 20 mg/d (15 mg/d with a body surface area (BSA)
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ConclusionIn this pilot trial, GSK2798745 was found to be safe and well ‐tolerated, with a trend toward improved gas transfer. Further investigation is warranted in larger studies to determine whether treatment with TRPV4 antagonists or alternative treatments targeting capillary permeability might be effective to improve lung congestion, pulmonary gas transfer and cli nical status in patients with acute or chronic HF.
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Circulating androgens prime the kidney for fibrosis upon infectious injury (Escherichia coli pyelonephritis) by enhancing local TGF β1 production and myofibroblast activation. AbstractRenal scarring after pyelonephritis is linked to long ‐term health risks for hypertension and chronic kidney disease. Androgen exposure increases susceptibility to, and severity of, uropathogenicEscherichia coli (UPEC) pyelonephritis and resultant scarring in both male and female mice, while anti ‐androgen therapy is protective against severe urinary tract infection (UTI) in these models. This work employed androgenized female C57BL/...
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Identification of genetic variants associated with specific conditions has been a going concern for some time, but the creation of large national databases of genetic and biometric data in a number of countries has greatly expanded this area of study. In today's research materials, scientists demonstrate one way in which this can be used, as a confirmation of the importance of hypertension and obesity in present variations in human life expectancy. People with genetic variants that increase the odds of suffering either of these conditions tend to live shorter lives, something that also shows up in standard epidemiological ...
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