Follow-up of Metal-on-Metal Hip Replacements at a Large District Hospital and the Implementation of Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency Guidelines: A Review of 297 Patients.

Conclusions: Positive MARS-MRI can often occur in the absence of elevated metal ion levels; elevated blood metal ion levels do not mean MARS-MRI will be positive. All patients with MoM replacements were at risk. It is imperative to assess patients regularly for symptoms that may raise clinical suspicion and maintain a low threshold to performing MARS-MRI. PMID: 31788162 [PubMed - in process]
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Conclusions Axial SpA represents a spectrum of diseases. Its clinical associations with uveitis should be distinguished from those of traditional AS.
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Conclusions Based on the literature, we recommend a period of nonoperative management before surgery in undisplaced nonunions. In displaced nonunions, open reduction and internal fixation ± bone grafting is necessary. In pediatric scaphoid fractures, similar to adult cases, we identified that suspicious scaphoid fractures should be considered for initial immobilization, and repeat X-rays and early magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computed tomography (CT) scans should be considered at follow-up. Immobilization time and type of plaster should be appropriate in relation to the fracture site, simil...
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CONCLUSIONBy extending the U-net model to a deeper layer and adding the residual structure to ensure effective and stable training of the model, the experiment results demonstrate that applying the improved Deeper ResU-net can effectively eliminate the degradation phenomenon of deep network and improve segmentation performance. PMID: 31839620 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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We present a case of a 14-year-old adolescent who sustained a traumatic injury to the shoulder while falling during a soccer match. His main concern was about recovery time and the return to daily life activities. Diagnoses: Multiple imaging studies imaging (X-rays, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging) revealed a Salter-Harris II fracture of the right clavicle with posterior displacement of the diaphysis. Interventions: The patient underwent primary surgery to reduce the fracture, using an articular locking compression plate, and secondary surgery to remove the hardware. Outcomes: Following the removal...
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Discussion Foreign bodies are common problems for young children particularly ages 2-4 years who will mouth many objects and aspirate or swallow them. Children will also place foreign objects in other body orifices such as ears or noses. It is also not uncommon that young girls will inadvertently have toilet paper caught in the vaginal area during hygiene. Many of these foreign bodies may work their way out naturally not causing any problems, or may come to attention later because of chronic problems such as a foul-smell or discharge. Older children may tell adults that they have placed a foreign body in an orifice and thu...
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Conclusion: Hip pathology may mimic lumbar spinal stenosis. In the two cases presented, plain X-rays failed to document hip fractures (case 1) and AVN (case 2), respectively, both of which were later diagnosed on MRI studies. PMID: 31583162 [PubMed]
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Authors: Khan SU, Ahmed I, Khan IU, Ullah N, Khan MWJ Abstract Brain and its structure are extremely complex with deep levels of details. Applying image processing methods of brain images is quite useful in many practical application domains. Currently, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a widely used imaging technique and has unique advantage by possessing the capability of providing highly detailed images of soft tissues in brain than other imaging techniques. Many researchers in medical imaging field have been working to develop image processing tools to perform precise segmentation of regions of interest from ...
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Conclusion Clinical assessment and X-rays are typically sufficient for a hand specialist to diagnose and manage chronic wrist pain and few patients require additional imaging. Level of Evidence This is a Level III study. [...] Thieme Medical Publishers 333 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10001, USA.Article in Thieme eJournals: Table of contents  |  Abstract  |  Full text
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I was out of work for 31 days, from August 16 until September 17. The reason is because I had surgery on my left knee, an arthroscopy of the medial meniscus. It got damaged somehow; the cause is unknown to me. It started becoming problematic sometime around Christmas 2018, but I didn’t really pay much attention to it. I figured it had to be something fairly minor which would resolve itself. However, it didn’t. And ultimately it led to my being evaluated by an orthopedic surgeon, having to get X-Rays and Magnetic Resonance Imaging on my knee, and finally having the surgical procedure performed to fix the problem...
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Conclusion: Isolated fractures of the trapezoid require a high index of suspicion as they are rare, and localizing signs and symptoms are typically vague and may mimic those of scaphoid fractures. When athletes present with dorsal wrist pain, swelling, and snuffbox tenderness in the setting of negative plain x-rays, the most likely mechanisms of injury are associated with athletic activity. Treatment depends on the degree of displacement and other associated injuries and ranges from activity modification or immobilization to open reduction with internal fixation. PMID: 31528141 [PubMed]
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