Leaked report details ‘largest maternity scandal in NHS history’ in Shropshire

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AbstractPurposeTo determine the accuracy of transvaginal 3D ultrasound scan (TV 3D US) in detecting partial septate uterus (PSU) in patients with recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL).MethodsThis retrospective study included 113 patients with an initial diagnosis of unexplained RPL, who were subsequently found to have PSU on diagnostic hysteroscopy and who had TV 3D US prior to surgery. The diagnosis of PSU was made at the time of a diagnostic hysteroscopy based on ESHRE-ESGE classification of M üllerian anomalies. Based on hysteroscopic findings, patients were divided into two groups: those with PSU and a central point of i...
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Anemia characterized by low hemoglobin concentration (HbC) is common in indoor housed pregnant sows. Iron is essential for hemoglobin synthesis and a number of metabolic processes including DNA synthesis and r...
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Authors: Størup G, Sørensen AN, Dalsgaard A, Grønkjær M Abstract INTRODUCTION: For decades, ultrasound has enabled determination of foetal sex. Foetal sex is medically indicated in sex-linked diseases, syndromes and multiple pregnancy, but genital malformations are rare. However, guidelines on standard views seem sparse and foetal sex determination is not considered mandatory. The aim of this study was to provide an initial overview on the practice of foetal sex determination in Denmark and the accuracy of the examinations at the second trimester anomaly scan at a regional and a universit...
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CONCLUSIONS: In 42 cases of angular pregnancy diagnosed by first-trimester ultrasound examination, outcomes were largely positive, with an 80% live-birth rate and a 20% early pregnancy loss rate. Early diagnosis of angular pregnancy using the described criteria may represent an entity that more closely resembles a normal, noneccentric intrauterine pregnancy rather than an ectopic pregnancy. Therefore, most cases can be closely observed and efforts made to expectantly manage pregnancies while awaiting viability. PMID: 31809430 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Duplicated renal collecting system is a urological anomaly often found in pediatric patients. It is less commonly diagnosed in adulthood, particularly in a pregnant patient. Many point-of-care ultrasonography users may not be aware of this diagnosis, particularly in patients in the emergency department. It is important to recognize the duplicated system because in general, patients will often have hydronephrosis in only one renal pole rather than the entire kidney, which corresponds to an unequal renal function as documented on renal nuclear medicine functional scans.
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AbstractIn September 2019, NICE published updated guidance on the management of multiple pregnancy (NG 137). Many of the previous recommendations for care are upheld but there have been important changes: increased frequency of combined ultrasound/specialist antenatal care appointments for pregnancies containing a monochorionic placenta (twins and triplets), increased frequency of ultrasound monitoring in all triplet pregnancies, changes in the definition of selective growth restriction and for its subsequent referral pathways, the introduction of some monitoring for TAPS in monochorionic pregnancies (albeit in complex pre...
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CONCLUSIONS: First, fetal defects are more common in MC than in DC twin pregnancies, second, first-trimester detection of fetal defects in DC twin pregnancies is similar to that in singleton pregnancies, third, detectability of defects in MC twins is higher than in DC twins, fourth, in twin pregnancies with fetal defects there is a higher intertwin discordance in CRL and incidence of high NT, but the predictive performance of screening by these markers is poor. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved. PMID: 31788879 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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In this study, we examined the preponderance of 2- versus 3-wave patterns in 46 interovulatory intervals (IOIs) from 36 buffalo heifers, in which a subset of 10 heifers was scanned for 2 consecutive IOIs to record the repeatability of follicular wave pattern. Two-wave pattern was detected in 63.0% and 3-wave follicular pattern in 27.0% IOIs. The dominant follicles (DF) of both wave 1 as well as the ovulatory wave attained a smaller (P
Source: Tropical Animal Health and Production - Category: Veterinary Research Source Type: research
Authors: Igras S, Yahner M, Ralaison H, Rakotovao JP, Favero R, Andriantsimietry S, Rasolofomanana JR Abstract Globally, few programs consider the needs of first-time young parents (FTYPs), who face disproportionate negative health consequences during pregnancy and childbirth. Scant evidence exists on FTYPs' broader health needs. Formative research in two regions of Madagascar used a socio-ecological lens to explore, via 44 interviews and 32 focus group discussions, the influences on FTYPs at the individual, couple, family, community, and system levels. We spoke with FTYPs who had, and who had not, used sexual and ...
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AbstractMany research groups have developed mathematical models to simulate the dynamics of BVDV infections in cattle herds. However, most models use estimates for within-herd BVDV transmission rates that are either based on expert opinion or adapted from other dairy herd simulation models presented in the literature. There is currently little information on the transmission rates for BVDV in extensively grazed beef herds partly due to the logistical challenges in obtaining longitudinal data of individual animal ’s seroconversion, and it may not be appropriate to apply the same transmission rates from intensive dairy...
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