Re: Emergent groin hernia repair: A single center 10-year experience

In this study, 14% of patients underwent diagnostic laparoscopy, and bowel resection was completed laparoscopically in only 3 patients. Why did they not prefer transabdominal preperitoneal (TAPP) approach in the same session? In addition, although the authors mentioned that “Further current literature consisting of a limited number of highly selected patients and s upporting that emergent groin hernia repair is feasible laparoscopically through both TAPP or totally extraperitoneal approaches have not raised safety concerns” in the Discussion, there are many studies in the literature comparing laparoscopic and conventional approaches for incarcerated or stran gulated hernias and concluding that laparoscopic reduction and herniorrhaphy for incarcerated or strangulated groin and obturator hernias is effective, safe, and feasible.
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Conclusion: It is important to consider mesh graft migration to viscus as a cause of persistent abdominal pain and bleeding per rectum irrespective of the time of presentation post hernia repair. PMID: 31788028 [PubMed]
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ConclusionTAPP is a safe procedure for treat groin hernias, unless, mesh complications like foreign body reaction, deep-seated infection, mesh migration and perforation.
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AbstractIntroductionTo date, little attention has been paid by surgical scientific studies to sex as a potential influence factor on the outcome. Therefore, there is a sex bias in the surgical literature. With an incidence of more than 20% after 3  years, incisional hernias are a common complication following abdominal surgical procedures. The proportion of women affected is around 50%. There are very few references in the literature to the influence of sex on the outcome of elective incisional hernia repair.Materials and methodsIn all, 22,895 patients with elective incisional hernia repair from the Herniamed Registry...
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CONCLUSIONS: Despite recent controversy, UK surgeons support the use of mesh in the repair of inguinal hernias with an open Lichtenstein repair being the most common choice. There has only been a modest increase in the use of laparoscopic surgery over the past 20 years. PMID: 31755727 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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In this study, we retrospectively reviewed 257 cases of acutely incarcerated or strangulated groin hernias repaired by a large group of surgeons practicing across academic or community hospitals affiliated with our institution. The objective of our study was to investigate the different management approaches performed at our institution (open versus laparoscopic, mesh versus tissue repairs) and their associated short- and long-term outcomes.
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ConclusionA tailored approach is now employed and seen more so in hernia surgery and this fact is referred to and highlighted in the contemporaneous hernia guidelines published to date. In addition, with the increasing complexity of abdominal wall surgery, the number of procedures actually performed by trainees is no longer considered adequate to overcome any recognized learning curve. Therefore, to supplement general surgery training young surgeons should be offered a clinical fellowship to obtain an additional qualification as an abdominal wall surgeon and thus improve their clinical and operative experience under superv...
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Abstract Subcutaneous endoscopically assisted ligation (SEAL) technique is an effective and minimally invasive approach for indirect inguinal hernia repair in children. Not all patients are candidates for SEAL because of technical limitations. We hypothesized that preoperatively assessed patient-level factors may predict technical feasibility of SEAL repair. We performed a retrospective review of all patients who underwent indirect inguinal hernia repair between June 2012 and December 2014. All patients younger than two years and any patient older than two years who had a concomitant umbilical hernia were consider...
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CONCLUSION: For the comparison of surgical techniques and outcomes, prospective randomized studies should be designed to standardize broad-based surgical techniques. PMID: 31701494 [PubMed - in process]
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CONCLUSIONLaparoscopic plug removal for nociceptive pain due to a plug meshoma is effective. However, since there is insufficient evidence to recommend mesh removal without triple neurectomy, informed consent and further consideration of techniques and diagnostic methods are needed.
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This study aimed to determine patients ’ experiences following inguinal hernia repair at a tertiary hospital and associated cottage hospital in terms of postherniorraphy pain and follow-up.MethodsAfter exclusions, 373 adult patients undergoing inguinal hernia repair at Derriford and Tavistock hospitals during a 1-year period from October 2017 were sent a questionnaire regarding preoperative pain experience, current symptoms, and pain severity at 28  days and other intervals postoperatively. Statistical analysis of responses included unpairedttest to compare means andχ2 test for discrete variables with ap value  
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