‘My entire scalp was on fire’: A doctor repeatedly insisted she had a tension headache. Something more serious was going on.

A woman’s persistence — and new doctors — found the real source of her strange pain.
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CONCLUSION: Patients with IBS in Germany are likely not receiving sufficient diag- nostic evaluation in conformity with the relevant guidelines. The high prevalence of comorbid mental disorders and other pain syndromes implies that the complaints of patients with IBS need to be more comprehensively evaluated and treated. PMID: 31431234 [PubMed - in process]
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Sagittal imbalance in the cervical spine is a major cause of neck pain, headache, fatigue, and disability. While parameters such as C2-C7 lordosis and C2-C7 sagittal vertical axis have been extensively studied, they do not fully characterize cervical sagittal balance. T1 is an important new parameter of both cervical as well as global spinal sagittal balance. However, the T1 superior end plate can be difficult to visualize on standard lateral radiographs due to overlying anatomical structures. C7 slope has therefore been proposed as a potential substitute for T1 slope when the T1 superior end plate is not well visualized.
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Dr Neil Long Funtabulously Frivolous Friday Five 291 It's Friday. Boggle your brain with FFFF challenge and some old fashioned trivia. Funtabulously Frivolous Friday Five 291
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This article reviews the published criteria and proposes a new set of criteria. The epidemiology, pathophysiology and management options are also reviewed.
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DiscussionA major strength of this study is its pragmatic nature, where the active treatment group receives chiropractic manipulation according to their individual needs, while both groups continue their use of medication for headache according to their pre-trial habits. Other strengths include an elaborate sham procedure and the weekly outcome reports, reducing recall bias.If it is possible to develop effective treatment for headache in children, a life course of recurring problems may be altered with potential positive implications for both individuals and society.Trial registrationClinicalTrials.gov, identifierNCT02684916.
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A 67-year-old white female patient with metastatic breast cancer presented with 2 weeks of painless reduced vision in her right eye (OD), without headache, photophobia, diplopia, or eye pain, with placoid yellow choroidal lesions with ill-defined borders and subretinal fluid in each eye (OU). What is the diagnosis and what would you do next?
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Abstract Migraine is one of the most common neurological disorders which poses significant socioeconomic burden worldwide. Neuroinflammation and oxidative stress both play important roles in the pathogenesis of migraine. Human urinary kallidinogenase (UK) is a tissue kallikrein derived from human urine. Increasing evidence suggests that UK may protect against ischemic stroke, but UK's treatment potential against migraine remains to be explored. Immortal BV-2 murine microglial cells were treated with UK (125 nM, 250 nM, and 500 nM) and then given lipopolysaccharides (LPS, 1000 ng/mL). Ce...
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WEDNESDAY, Aug. 21, 2019 -- It's bad enough to have an aching head, but about one in 10 people who suffer from headaches also experience facial pain, researchers have found. The study included more than 2,900 people with primary headaches. These...
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A 9-year-old female with a history of immune thrombocytopenic purpura on rituximab presented to the ED with 3 days of progressive erythroderma, fevers to 39.5 °C, and arthralgias. The illness initially began 8 days after her second rituximab dose with fever, chills and headache and evolved to right foot and knee pain. A patchy erythematous rash then developed on her right upper extremity and spread diffusely. On exam, she was ill appearing and had conjun ctival injection, erythema and cracking of the mucosal lips and a strawberry red tongue.
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