Health Tip: Understanding Kidney Stones

-- One in ten people will have a kidney stone at some point in their lives, says the National Kidney Foundation. Kidney stones are hard objects that are produced from chemicals in urine. Symptoms can range from lower back pain, bloody urine,...
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Conclusion: The present study provides a corpus of knowledge considered essential for patients in the self-management of their arthritis. The selection of many items reflects recent emphasis on professional recommendations and the patients’ perspective. Future work should lead to the development of new updated KQs for patients with inflammatory arthritis.
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The objective was to provide a minimally invasive neovaginoplasty technique to construct a nearly physiological vagina to facilitate sexual functioning and appropriate vaginal length in patients with congenital vaginal agenesis. This is a retrospective study at a tertiary care hospital. 52 patients with congenital vaginal agenesis owing to Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome or androgen insensitivity syndrome presented for vaginal reconstruction. Modified McIndoe vaginoplasty was done in all patients between 2010 and 2018using a vaginal mold created with glove, nonadherent petroleum gauze, and Interceed absorbable...
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ConclusionThe results indicate normal pain sensitivity and cerebral pain processing in RA for non-affected sites, while the increased sensitivity at inflamed joints indicate peripheral/spinal sensitization. Brain imaging data suggest that disease-relevant pain processing in RA is marked by aberrations and a failed initiation of cortical top-down regulation.
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ConclusionThis pilot study suggests that high-intensity training is safe and improves fitness in patients with SBMA. Unlike low- and moderate-intensity training, HIT is efficacious and favored over other training forms by the patients.
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Authors: Brechmann T, Günther K, Neid M, Tannapfel A, Schmiegel W Abstract Background/aims: Drug-induced colitis (DiC) is a rarely reported form of colonopathy and data about the clinical and endoscopic characteristics are scarce. The aim was to investigate the phenotype of DiC. Methods: Patients in a retrospective case control study were assigned to either DiC or one of two age- and gender-matched control groups (non-inflammatory controls and inflammatory colitis from other causes) based on histopathological findings. Patients' basic characteristics, symptoms, biochemical results and endoscopic appearance wer...
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ConclusionMedicaid recipients are at moderate risk for conversion to persistent or high-risk opioid use after a new ED prescription. Longer or higher-dose prescriptions are associated with increased risk for conversion; however, even visits that lead to guideline-concordant prescriptions bear some risk for long-term or high-risk use.
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ConclusionAlthough clinicians should endeavor to offer alternative pain management strategies to all patients, those who are younger, are male patients, and report a history of or current substance use or mental health diagnoses were associated with a greater risk of developing opioid misuse. Clinicians should consider prioritizing alternative pain management strategies for these higher-risk patients.
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We reported performance characteristics and secondary outcomes by pARC risk strata and compared the receiver operator characteristic (ROC) curves of the PAS and pARC.ResultsWe enrolled 2,089 patients with a mean age of 12.4 years, 46% of whom were male patients. Appendicitis was confirmed in 353 patients (16.9%), of whom 55 (15.6%) had perforated appendixes. Fifty-four percent of patients had very low (
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Lower back pain is a common complaint. When back pain occurs on the lower right side, causes can include sprains and strains, kidney stones, infections, and conditions that affect the intestines or reproductive organs. Learn more about what causes back pain on the lower right side and when to see a doctor here.
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Rationale: A horseshoe kidney is the most common congenital fusion abnormality in the kidney, occurring in approximately 1 in 400 live births. Several complications including renal malignancies, ureteropelvic junction obstruction, urolithiasis, vesicoureteral reflux, and hydronephrosis can occur in this patient population. Patient concerns: A 28-year-old woman was admitted to hospital because of chronic left low back pain. Microscopic hematuria was not seen. Computed tomography showed the horseshoe kidney and left hydronephrosis. Diagnoses: On the basis of these findings and clinical manifestations, the final diagn...
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