Cancer symptoms: If you have a cough for this length of time you MUST see a doctor

CANCER symptoms are not always obvious and can appear as minor everyday health issues. Everyone gets a cough every now and then, but while it can be harmless in some cases it can signify a serious health problem. If you have a cough that lasts for a particular length of time, see a doctor as it could be a sign of cancer.
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LUNG cancer symptoms include having cough that won ’t go away, unexplained weight loss, and severe chest pain. But you could also be at risk of the condition if you have this skin rash. Should you speak to a doctor?
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Meagan Bechtold, 27, of Las Vegas, developed a hacking cough in March last year, which doctors wrote off as a bad cold, allergies or bronchitis. A CT scan later revealed she had Hodgkin’s lymphoma.
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Four years ago, Joanne Romero, who lives in Texas, was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer when she was 26 weeks pregnant. Despite her challenges, Joanne remains positive and hopes her story serves as an inspiration to others.   My journey began on Feb. 16, 2015. I was currently 26 weeks pregnant. I was experiencing a cough that continued to get worse. That day, I was scheduled to have a lung procedure to see what was causing the cough. My high-risk OB ordered an ultrasound the night before. She wanted to make sure my baby was doing well enough for the procedure. During the ultrasound, the ultrasound tech a...
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By HANS DUVEFELT MD Jeanette Brown had lost twenty pounds, and she was worried. “I’m not trying,” she told me at her regular diabetes visit as I pored over her lab results. What I saw sent a chill down my spine: A normal weight, diet controlled diabetic for many years, her glycosylated hemoglobin had jumped from 6.9 to 9.3 in three months while losing that much weight. That is exactly what happened to my mother some years ago, before she was diagnosed with the pancreatic cancer that took her life in less than two years. Jeanette had a normal physical exam and all her bloodwork except for t...
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CONCLUSION: Collection of patient-reported outcome data in anti-programmed death receptor-1/programmed death-ligand-1 inhibitor trials were variable and did not consistently assess important symptomatic adverse events. Use of a patient-reported outcome instrument with well-defined functional scales supplemented by item libraries to incorporate relevant symptomatic adverse events may allow for improved understanding of the patient experience while receiving therapy. These data, along with other clinical data such as hospitalizations and supportive care medication use can help inform the benefit-risk assessment for regulator...
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BackgroundWe investigated preoperative and postoperative TRPV1, bradykinin (BK), and prostaglandin e ‐2 (PGE2) levels in patients who underwent lung cancer surgery and evaluated the correlations between these levels and the development of acute or chronic cough after surgery.MethodsWe evaluated 60 patients with non ‐small cell lung cancer who underwent lobectomy at our center between August and October 2018. TRPV1, BK, and PGE2 levels were determined by enzyme‐linked immunosorbent assay and postoperative cough was assessed using the visual analog scale (VAS).ResultsThe postoperative serum TRPV1, BK, and PEG2 levels o...
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In this study, we investigated the relationship between chronic cough and clinicopathological features in postoperative patients with non ‐small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and evaluated the effectiveness of acupuncture therapy for the treatment of postoperative chronic cough in patients with NSCLC.MethodsWe retrospectively evaluated 171 patients with NSCLC who received lobectomy at our center between September 2017 and February 2018. The Mandarin Chinese version of the Leicester Cough Questionnaire (LCQ ‐MC) was used to evaluate the degree of cough in patients. Postoperative cough was assessed by a visual analog scale (V...
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Megan Clarkson, of Kirkcaldy, Fife, first became unwell at just six months old in November 2016 when she developed a cough and could not keep food down.
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Kelly Clarkson's daughter Megan died aged two after repeatedly being diagnosed with little more than a cough.
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Rationale: The anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) rearrangements represent a subtype of nonsmall-cell lung cancer (NSCLC), and targeting ALK has radically changed the treatment of NSCLC. Crizotinib, as an ALK inhibitor, has been used in the treatment of ALK-rearranged NSCLC for several years and some adverse effects should be given attention. Patient concerns: A 64-year-old woman with a no-smoking history visited hospital in November 2016 because of a persistent cough, expectoration, and progressive dysphagia for 2 months. Diagnoses and interventions: She was diagnosed with primary lung adenocarcinoma, accompanied by...
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