Don't ask a dying man if he wants bacon or sausage

by Lizzy MilesIt has been four years since I first wrote the article“We Don’t Know Death: 7 Assumptions We Make about the Dying” for Pallimed. You would think that with four more years of experience I would feel more confident in my knowledge about my job and my patients. I don ’t.In fact, I ’m still uncovering assumptions that I make when working with patients who are dying.Recently, I discoveredAssumption #8: Dying patients want to be in control.I had so many reasons and examples to believe this, from the very beginning of my hospice work. I came to this conclusion after just a short timevolunteering. One of the hospice patients I visited would have me adjust the height of her socks continuously for ten to fifteen minutes. At first I didn ’t understand and I thought to myself that she must be a little obsessive. Then I had this a-ha moment.She can ’t control the big things, so she wants to control the little things.This assumption held up for a while. I would have frustrated caregivers who would tell me that their dying loved one was impossible and demanding over little stuff: the lights in the room, the arrangement of the drapes. These caregivers would be exasperated. I would validate their feelings of frustration, but also encourage them to empathize. I ’d tell them that it’s tough to be dying. The dying need to control what they can. Often this worked to provide some relief to the caregiver, if only briefly.Slowly, th...
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In this study, all new patients referred to an adult psychiatric outpatient clinic in Sweden between November 2019 and October 2020 (n = 562) were screened for autism spectrum disorders using the Ritvo Autism and Asperger Diagnostic Scale Screen (RAADS-14). Out of the 304 (58%) responders, 197 who scored above the cut off (14) were invited to participate in an in-depth assessment. Twenty-six of the 48 that participated in the assessment met criteria for ASD and an additional eight had subthreshold ASD symptoms. We estimated the prevalence of ASD in this population to at least 18.9%, with another 5-10% having subthreshold s...
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SIR ANTHONY HOPKINS is soon turning 84 years of age. Specifically on the 31st December, the Welsh star will turn another year older. Having enjoyed a tremendous career both on stage and screen, off-screen the ageing star received an Asperger's diagnosis, one that he says he doesn't believe.
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CONCLUSIONOur data suggest that nearly half of individuals with ASD have average or higher IQ. Boys with ASD are more likely to have average or higher IQ than girls. Patients with ASD and higher IQ remain at risk for not being identified.
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This study aimed to investigate the frequency of micronucleus (MN) in peripheral blood lymphocytes of parents with autistic children. The study was case –control and the cases were parents of autistic children referring to the psychiatric department of the Ali-Asghar Hospital of Tehran. The total number of samples was 60 cases and 30 controls. The results showed that autistic children's parents had a significant increase in MN frequency in binucle ated lymphocytes. Further researches are suggested to analyze the environmental and genetic reasons for MN increase in autistic children parents.
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Conclusion: These results illustrate the strength of a multiparametric CTC analysis to choose and validate targeted therapies to optimize cancer treatment in the future. Furthermore, from a scientific point of view, such studies promote the understanding of the biology of CTCs during different treatment regimens.
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CONCLUSION AND IMPORTANCE: This case advances our understanding of NOD2's role in regulating inflammatory processes of the eye. In addition to precipitating uveitis, patients with these mutations may also be at increased risk of developing corneal pathology related to their reduced capacity to moderate inflammatory processes.PMID:34802386 | DOI:10.1080/09273948.2021.1993268
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When photographer Mary Berridge ’s son was diagnosed with Asperger’s, she began to see his world in a new light. She set out to capture a series of everyday – and exceptional – stories, one image at a timeI have been immersed in the world of autism since my son was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. Graham had many of the traits of autism from when he was a baby: speech and motor skill delays, sensory sensitivities, anxiety in big social gatherings and more. He had seen professionals for evaluations, but did not get a diagnosis until he was seven.This was a kid who had meltdowns over the sound of a b...
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ConclusionsOur study provides, for the first time, to our knowledge, genetic evidence for ASD subtypes based on risk variants for language impairment.
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I had it drilled in my head that I wanted to be a doctor, I was aiming high, but the thing is, I'm kind of a pushover, and am sensitive to feedback from others, and my biology professor when I told him I wanted to be a doctor aggressively insisted I don't become a doctor, saying it isn't fit for me. which hurt my feelings because I actually looked up to him as another aspie (person with asperger's). he now makes the class repeat every day, him:"ladies and gentlemen what is our principle... Read more
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A few weeks ago I posted about amandated 300 calorie a day weight stabilization program for #1. I also mentioned there's a different program for #2. There's no mandate for his program -- it's something he and I put together. He dislikes exercise but feels it his duty to do it.The program has 3 events each week that we do together:- Depending on season either a 1h singletrack mountain bike ride or a 1hMN Special Hockey event.- A few miles of walking or (depending on season) 2h family road bike ride or 1h outdoor ice skating loop*.- Home mini-CrossFitThe home mini-CrossFit is a highly scaled version of a standard CrossFit wo...
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