Valerian Root
This article will cover some of the basic benefits to using valerian root which is a all natural herb grown. It's aid can help with many everyday problems. I will also share my experience using this very herb.Contributor: Travis SeeleyPublished: Oct 20, 2013 (Source: Most Recent Health Wellness - Associated Content)
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Reader Question – Homeopathy for life long anxiety?
Many of you might be asking this same question so I’m posting with the answer here. Enjoy. The question is from scary cherry i’m 19 and have been suffering from anxiety my entire life. by the time i reached my teens, i had panic/anxiety attacks, bouts of agoraphobia and OCD. i thought i’d grow out of these things so i didn’t do much about it until i was 18 and i realized the anxiety was seriously keeping me from doing things. all those years i put all my energy into curbing my anxiety, and it didn’t leave much time for enjoyment. by february, i was on zoloft, and by june i was off of it beca...
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So... Why Do People Like Drugs?
Is there something magical about drugs and alcohol with us humans? So what's our fascination and why do some of us like them so much?! Actually, before we try and answer that one, let me just say: we are not alone. Some of the drugs we use, abuse, and become addicted to today were actually "discovered" by animals first. For example, you know why we have coffee today? Well, the "legend of the dancing goats" says that coffee beans were first discovered in a field in Ethiopia by a goat herder who noticed that his goats were acting weird sometimes, running around and dancing wildly. He couldn't figure out why and so decided to...
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