Rituximab and risk of HBV re-activation
[you guys probably give way more rituximab than I do.] You know how you're supposed to get a hepatitis panel before starting rituximab, so what if the panel is positive for the inactive chronic charier state of HBV? (+HBsAg , +HBcAb , but undetectable viral load, normal liver enzymes). Could you still give the rituximab? Or is even the inactive carrier state of HBV (negative PCR, negative LAEs) a contraindication? (Source: Student Doctor Network)
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Respiratory Alkalosis
65 year old patient who was dignosed with primary B cell testicular lymphoma which had gone just to his brain ( frontal lobe) last year in August. He was given chemo which removed his tumor, he then has been given 2 rituximab session uptil now. Recently 3 or 4 days back he started hyperventilating and now has been dignosed with partially compensated resp alkalosis. His PH is 7.5 his Co2 and HCO3 are both 9. His cretinine is slightly elevated too. His lungs are clear. Plz help! (Source: Doc2Doc BMJ Cardiology)
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