Phlebotomy System 1.0.0
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TAP Device to Bring Painless Blood Sampling to a Clinic Near You
Nobody likes taking bloods. Not the junior doctor trying to find a vein nor his patient on the receiving end. So thankfully, it looks like there is now a medgadget for that.Seventh Sense Biosystems out of Cambridge, Mass. has been working on a new painless blood collection platform to eliminate the need for needles. According to Seventh Sense, its Touch Activated Phlebotomy  (TAP) blood collection platform is designed to optimize the blood collection process by eliminating the pain associated with a conventional needle stick, increasing safety and providing a faster pathway to diagnostic results.Read More (Source: Me...
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Seventh Sense Biosystems Announces Initiation Of Registration Trial For Painless TAP Blood Collection Device
Seventh Sense Biosystems, a privately held medical device company developing integrated blood micro-collection and analysis platforms, announced recently that it has initiated a registration trial for its painless TAP (Touch Activated Phlebotomy) blood collection device (Source: Medical Design Online News)
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April Fools Inverted: No Word of a Lie Day
No word of a lie: quite possibly my favorite phrase from our Canadian friends up north. Since today is a day most people devote to fooling others, I thought I’d mix it up a bit and air some of my Red Cross-related secrets for the world to know. Yup, these are all the honest truth. (Credit to my friend Robin for putting the idea in my head about having a day devoted to the opposite of April Fool’s. I think it’s brilliant.) 1. The most appealing part of donating blood to me is the chance to portion off a break in the middle of the day. Doing good and helping someone in need is great, but on a purely selfis...
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Phlebotomy Might Help in Fatty Liver DiseasePhlebotomy Might Help in Fatty Liver Disease
Iron depletion by phlebotomy might help patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and high serum ferritin levels, a phase II study suggests. Reuters Health Information (Source: Medscape Today Headlines)
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