ACR Makes Changes to Adult, Pediatric Vaccinations Guidance ACR Makes Changes to Adult, Pediatric Vaccinations Guidance
The pneumococcal, recombinant zoster, and HPV vaccines are among those recommended for patients taking immunosuppressive medications.Medscape Medical News (Source: Medscape Internal Medicine Headlines)
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Pneumococcal Vax Slashed Deadly Sickle-Cell Complication in Kids
(MedPage Today) -- Introduction of the 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV13) a decade ago in France was associated with a significant reduction in acute chest syndrome (ACS) for children with sickle cell disease, a cohort study showed... (Source: MedPage Today Hematology/Oncology)
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What It Really Feels Like to Have Monkeypox
Since the global monkeypox outbreak began in May 2022, more than 22,000 cases have been confirmed in countries around the world. More than 5,000 of those cases have been recorded in the U.S., with many clustered in hotspots including New York and California. The virus, which often results in a blister-like rash and spreads through close contact, has so far predominantly affected men who have sex with men. Even as cases tick up and monkeypox gains public attention, however, it can still be difficult to find information about testing, treatment, and vaccines. Many people who fear they are at risk or infected are left to seek...
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The Virus Hunters Trying to Prevent the Next Pandemic
Nobody saw SARS-CoV-2 coming. In the early days of the pandemic, researchers were scrambling to collect samples from people who had mysteriously developed fevers, coughs, and breathing problems. Pretty soon, they realized that the disease-causing culprit was a new virus humans hadn’t seen before. And the world, lacking a coordinated global response, was unprepared. Some countries acted quickly to develop tests for the novel coronavirus, while others with fewer resources were left behind. With a virus oblivious to national borders, and with travel between countries and continents more common than it had been in previo...
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The Best Way to Slow the Spread of Monkeypox
Only July 23rd, World Health Organization declared monkeypox a public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC). It was a contentious decision, with WHO Director General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus making the final call and overruling the WHO’s Emergency Committee. The advisory committee’s disagreements mirrored debates unfolding among public officials, on social media, and in opinion pages over the last several weeks. Is monkeypox a public health emergency when it’s “just” spreading among gay and bisexual men and trans women? To what degree do cisgender men, women, and kids need to...
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Why You ’ ll Need to Get COVID-19 Boosters Again and Again
Several highly effective vaccines were developed at an unprecedented speed to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. During the phase 3 clinical trials, mRNA vaccines had vaccine efficacy of 94–95% in preventing symptomatic infections. After the rollout, real-world evidence showed that the mRNA vaccines provided ~90% effectiveness against infection. Then came the variants. The wave after wave of new variants, with ever-increasing transmissibility and capacity to escape existing immunity, challenge the ability of vaccines to prevent infection and transmission. The effectiveness of a primary series of mRNA vaccines (two doses) ...
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News Fatigue, Anti-Vax and Wars
Nothing is so firmly believed as what is least known.                                                     Michel de MontaigneBy Jan LundiusSTOCKHOLM, Jul 13 2022 (IPS) During the beginning of the pandemic, people wanted to learn more about COVID-19. Enclosed in their homes they watched with fear and fascination how the pandemic swept over the world, while comparing ...
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NIRT plans study on whether booster BCG can help prevent tuberculosis
The efficacy of BCG vaccination in newborns is well known and has a documented protective effect against meningitis and disseminated TB in children, Dr Padma Priyadarshini, Director, ICMR's National Institute for Research in Tuberculosis (NIRT) said. (Source: The Economic Times)
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Wisconsin SeniorCare Program to Cover Vaccines Provided at Pharmacies
Gov. Tony Evers and the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) announce Wisconsin ’s SeniorCare Program has received approval from the Centers for Medicare& Medicaid Services (CMS) to cover certain vaccines that members receive in pharmacies. Vaccines covered include those that protect against shingles, tetanus, meningitis, and Hepatitis A and B. These vaccines are recommended by theAdvisory Committee on Immunization Practices...(see release) (Source: Wisconsin DHFS Press Releases)
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Gay and bi men in Florida should get the meningococcal vaccine, CDC says
Don't be surprised if you see the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention out at the LGBTQ pride parade this year or showing up on your dating app. (Source: - Health)
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CDC says gay and bi men in Florida need the meningococcal vaccine, to keep them safe in 'worst' outbreak in US history
Don't be surprised if you see the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention out at the LGBTQ pride parade this year or showing up on your dating app. (Source: - Health)
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ACIP Backs 'Enhanced' Flu Vaccine for Seniors
(MedPage Today) -- The CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) on Wednesday unanimously endorsed a group of influenza vaccines thought to provide better protection for older adults, as well as a new pneumococcal vaccine for children... (Source: MedPage Today Public Health)
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U.S. FDA Approves Merck ’s Vaxneuvance (Pneumococcal 15-valent Conjugate Vaccine) for the Prevention of Invasive Pneumococcal Disease in Infants and Children
Clinical data supporting approval demonstrated non-inferior immune responses for all serotypes shared with PCV13 following a four-dose series and superior immune responses for important disease-causing shared serotype 3 and unique serotypes 22F... (Source: - New Drug Approvals)
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CDC Warns of Deadly Outbreak of Meningitis Among Gay Men in Florida
WEDNESDAY, June 22, 2022 -- One of the worst meningitis outbreaks in U.S. history has prompted public health officials to urge gay and bisexual men who live in Florida or plan to visit the state to get vaccinated right away. Twenty-four cases of... (Source: - Pharma News)
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GSK to acquire clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company Affinivax, Inc.
GSK plc (LSE/NYSE: GSK) announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Affinivax, Inc. (Affinivax), a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company based in Cambridge, Boston, Massachusetts, for a $2.1 billion upfront payment and up to $1.2 billion in potential development milestones. Affinivax is pioneering the development of a novel class of vaccines, the most advanced of which are next-generation pneumococcal vaccines. (Source: World Pharma News)
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