What are Potential Complications of Ichthyosis?
Discussion Ichthyosis is a large group of dermatological disorders which are caused by abnormal epidermal differentiation. The term ichthys means fish and refers to the scale-like dermatological pattern seen in these disorders. Acquired ichthyosis is rare but more common in adults than children and has a rough, dry skin with prominent scaling, distributed symmetrically on the trunk and limbs (especially extensor surfaces), and is associated with autoimmune, infectious diseases, metabolic and malignant causes. Congenital or inherited ichthyosis is divided into non-syndromic (more common) and syndromic forms (generally ver...
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DR MARTIN SCURR answers your health questions
DR MARTIN SCURR: What you have is a puzzling condition called Harlequin syndrome which, although troublesome and sometimes embarrassing, is not sinister. (Source: the Mail online | Health)
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What Causes Flushing?
Discussion Flushing is usually thought of as a benign condition such as blushing, but can be quite irritating if it is frequent or persistent (i.e. menopausal hot flashes) or even pathologic (i.e. malignancy). “Flushing is a subjective and sensation of warmth that is accompanied by reddening of the skin anywhere on the body but favors the face, neck, and upper torso…. Flushing can be broadly divided into episodic or persistent. Episodic flashing is mediated by the release of endogenous vasoactive mediators or medications, while persistent flushing result in a fixed facial erythema with telangiectasias and cyano...
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