Comparison of Failed and Kept General Anesthesia Appointments in a Pediatric Dental Clinic

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Purpose of review Liquid biopsies have emerged as a noninvasive alternative to tissue biopsy with potential applications during all stages of pediatric oncology care. The purpose of this review is to provide a survey of pediatric cell-free DNA (cfDNA) studies, illustrate their potential applications in pediatric oncology, and to discuss technological challenges and approaches to overcome these hurdles. Recent findings Recent literature has demonstrated liquid biopsies’ ability to inform treatment selection at diagnosis, monitor clonal evolution during treatment, sensitively detect minimum residual disease ...
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With the recent SCOTUS ruling, 5-4, upholding the CMS mandate requiring full vaccination, more than a few healthcare providers will soon be fired from their job. What about those who are denied a religious exemption? I know some of you aren't sympathetic to this cause but do these people truly deserved to be fired? What about those whose values don't allow them to apply for a religious exemption? I know people who had Delta and Omicron who don't want any jabs. They claim that they have... Read more
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They literally wrote ‘Spin the facts’. More like ‘Fake the facts’ if you ask me. This is a blalant campaign to lie to the public. Needs to go to court for slander and misinformation, imo. Equating an undergraduate BSN to medical school. 😵‍💫 Disclaimer: not an anesthesiologist, not here to fan unnecessary flames, just a concerned physician bringing this stuff to light. I assume this sort of information is nothing new for my anesthesia colleagues, but how can you go into work... Read more
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BACKGROUND: The Bispectral (BIS) monitor is a validated, noninvasive monitor placed over the forehead to titrate sedation in patients under general anesthesia in the operating room. In the neurocritical care unit, there is limited room on the forehead because of incisions, injuries, and other monitoring devices. This is a pilot study to determine whether a BIS nasal montage correlates to the standard frontal-temporal data in this patient population. METHODS: This prospective nonandomized pilot study enrolled 10 critically ill, intubated, and sedated adult patients admitted to the neurocritical care unit. Each patient had a...
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In this study, we investigated the effects of repeated neonatal propofol exposure on hippocampal synaptic plasticity, neuronal excitability, and cognitive function. Adeno-associated SIRT1 virus with CaMKII ɑ promotor and a viral vector carrying the photosensitive gene ChR2 with the CaMKIIɑ promotor, as well as their control vectors, were stereotaxically injected into the hippocampal CA1 region of postnatal day 5 (PND-5) rats. PND-7 rats were given intraperitoneal injection of 60 mg/kg propofol or f at emulsion for three consecutive days. Western blotting, Golgi staining, and double immunofluorescence staining were u...
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AbstractCongenital lung and foregut malformations have been described in literature, but most articles are from the Western world. There are a separate set of problems which are faced in our country especially with the misdiagnosis of these problems which has not so much been addressed in writing. We retrospectively reviewed records of all patients with above thoracic lesions treated at a tertiary care hospital in Delhi from March 2017 to December 2019. Twenty patients were found. Eight of 20 patients were detected antenatally but none monitored serially. Age at presentation ranged from 5 days to 18 months. Eight patients ...
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Eur J Paediatr Neurol. 2022 Jan 7;37:25-31. doi: 10.1016/j.ejpn.2022.01.006. Online ahead of print.ABSTRACTBACKGROUND: Super-refractory Status Epilepticus (SRSE) is a rare condition in which SE persists or recurs ≥24 h after the onset of anesthesia. Although its characteristics are well defined in adulthood, only few studies on children are available.METHODS: we retrospectively analyzed the population of patients with SRSE aged
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In conclusion, 5-HT7R is involved in the memory impairment induced by long-term isoflurane anesthesia, and the prior blockade of 5-HT7R with SB-269970 protects the memory impairment. This finding may help to improve the understanding of the long-term isoflurane anesthesia-induced memory impairment and to construct potential preventive and therapeutic strategies for the adverse effects after long-term isoflurane exposure.PMID:35032676 | DOI:10.1016/j.nlm.2022.107584
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Paediatr Anaesth. 2022 Jan 14. doi: 10.1111/pan.14394. Online ahead of print.NO ABSTRACTPMID:35032075 | DOI:10.1111/pan.14394
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In this study, we performed intraoperative language mapping under local anesthesia and postoperative language assessments of 53 consecutive patients who underwent awake craniotomy for surgical resection of cerebral glioma within the dominant temporal or parietal lobe. Six cases showing intraoperative dyslexia elicited by direct electrical stimulation (DES) were examined, and all cases showed transient symptoms of kanji or kana dyslexia during DES. We investigated the intraoperative positive mapping points localized near four white matter bundles: the arcuate fascicle, posterior superior longitudinal fascicle, inferior fron...
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