Naps don’t work for everyone. Genetic differences are why.

I wake up from a quick sleep feeling like I’m in the throes of a New Year’s Day-strength hangover.
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Research shows that grateful people tend to be healthy and happy. They exhibit lower levels of stress and depression, cope better with adversity and sleep better.
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If you are having a hard time controlling your alcohol use, chances are you have recognized that enough is enough and you need to finally quit. Frequent hangovers during the day, blacking out, saying and doing embarrassing things, and letting down the people around you can be a terrible feeling. One of the first steps to recovery is getting your body healthy, which means taking the steps to detoxify alcohol from your body and learning how to stay sober. This process isn’t always easy, but the good news is that it is only a small inconvenience in the long, healthy, wonderful life that awaits you after you become sobe...
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Antonia Hoyle is a British working mother of two children and lacks much spare time. Since turning 40 she has experienced broken sleep, brutal hangovers and back pain.
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Alice Baird, 20, felt worse for wear after a night out with friends in Portsmouth on March 28 this year. After trying to 'sleep it off', she woke in agony an hour later and started having convulsions.
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There’s a swirling, kaleidoscopic, free-associative experience on the edge of your mind. You’ll find it in the space right between awake and asleep, where your meandering consciousness mixes memory and thought with visionary imagery. I call this experience liminal dreaming. “Liminal” refers to the spaces in between things, the transitional condition of thresholds or boundaries. There are two dream states that, together, make up liminal dreaming: hypnagogia and hypnopompia. These constantly morphing states cling to the edges of sleep. You’re probably familiar with both, but you may never have ...
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Alcohol consumption can negatively affect sleep quality. The current study examined the impact of an evening of alcohol consumption on sleep, and next day activity levels and alcohol hangover. n = 25 healthy social drinkers participated in a natural...
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Despite many of us in the modern world enjoying a level of comfort and luxury that would be been unimaginable for most of human history, we still find it very hard to be happy. In fact, it seems that modern society is contributing to our fatigue and discontentment — with high-pressure working lives, decreased sense of community and a perceived lack of meaning all causing strain. As much as we may struggle, however, the pursuit of happiness is still the primary goal for most people. While it would be trite to suggest that meditation can solve all our problems, there are reasons why it can help us achieve this goal. ...
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Hangovers are virtually unavoidable for the drinking public. But despite how common they are, scientists don’t fully understand how to cure or prevent hangovers, or even what causes them. In the absence of evidence, people have come up with plenty of their own rituals, from pre-bedtime routines (chugging water) to strict rules about when to drink which type of alcohol (beer before wine). A new study, however, provides novel insights into hangovers. No matter what type of booze you drink first, it finds, your hangover will be just the same. Hangovers are “one of these things that are not tackled by science a l...
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Do you have the feeling that genomics is all around this year and you cannot escape DNAs, SNPs, chromosomes and double spirals wherever you look? Do you suspect that even Billy Mack is considering a change to “Genes are all around you” in everyone’s favorite holiday movie, Love Actually? Well, that won’t be a surprise as Christmas and genetics have more in common than you think – and scientists are even working on figuring out Santa’s genetic make-up. Gene-edited Christmas trees and Santa’s DNA If it’s all in our genes, the explanation for the Grinch hating the holidays or Sa...
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Having a casual night out with friends and a few drinks is often not something to worry about. However, for many people, it can become easy to become addicted to alcohol. In fact, according to the 2015 NSDUH, 15.1 million adults ages 18 and older (6.2 percent of this age group) has alcohol addiction. If you think you might be becoming addicted to alcohol, read these 10 warning signs. Top 10 Signs of Becoming Addicted to Alcohol Trouble in Relationships Alcohol addiction can cause a strain on many, or all, of the relationships in your life. This can include a failed marriage, once close family members no longer inviting you...
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