Circumferential Negative Intermittent Pressure to the Midarm Does Not Impair Digital O2 Saturation: A Randomized Controlled Study

Conclusions Circumferential negative intermittent pressure of 125 mm Hg applied to the midarm of healthy volunteers for 9 hours does not adversely affect digital SpO2.
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DiscussionExpected results will inform prescription and reimbursement practice of phase-change material-based prosthesis liners and will help improve and economize prosthetic fitting for people with limb loss. The design and duration of the protocol, including randomization, blinding, and within-subject comparison, will generate scientific evidence of a comparably high level. Inclusion of a comparably large sample and different climates, e.g. across all four seasons, will make findings applicable to a large number of prosthesis users.Trial,NCT03428815. Registered on 12 February 2018.
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In this study, it was aimed to select the best incision management system to keep the incision edges together and prevent wound opening, and infection by protecting the incision. In this study, 60 patients who underwent abdominal surgery were evaluated regarding their risk of wound dehiscence. In our clinic, high-risk cases of abdominal surgery are performed, the risk factors being ischemia along the incision line, dirty and contaminated wound, obesity, tension on the suture line, traumatization of the wound site, age at onset (> 65), body mass index (BMI)> 30, diabetes mellitus, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease...
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Conclusions: This systematic review and meta-analysis indicates that healthy humans have the capacity to increase local perfusion in response to mechanical stress resulting from tissue compression. Because pressure-induced vasodilation is mediated by sensory nerves, pressure-induced vasodilation emphasizes the importance of sensory innervation for durable tissue integrity. Pressure-induced vasodilation impairment seems to provide a complementary explanation for the susceptibility of neuropathic tissues to pressure-induced lesions.
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neser U Abstract The treatment of complex injuries of the lower extremities in geriatric and/or multimorbid patients requires optimized preoperative and perioperative management as well as differentiated and interdisciplinary surgical approaches. Timely and definitive treatment should be strived for to avoid longer periods of immobilization. Temporary external stabilization of complex fractures, when necessary, should be followed by permanent loading stable internal osteosynthesis as soon as possible. Accompanying soft tissue defects are reconstructed after wound débridement using the full armamentarium of ...
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Publication date: Available online 20 June 2019Source: Journal of Clinical Orthopaedics and TraumaAuthor(s): Pawan Agarwal, Rajeev Kukrele, Dhananjaya SharmaAbstractDelayed wound healing particularly in difficult wounds and in elderly with co morbidities is a major concern. It leads to the pain, morbidity, prolonged treatment, and require major reconstructive surgery which imposes enormous social and financial burden. Vacuum-assisted closure (VAC) is an alternative method of wound management, which uses the negative pressure to prepare the wound for spontaneous healing or by lesser reconstructive options. Method of VAC app...
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Abstract Pressure ulcers are devastating injuries that disproportionately affect the older adult population. The initiating factor of pressure ulcers is local ischemia, or lack of perfusion at the microvascular level, following tissue compression against bony prominences. In turn, lack of blood flow leads to a drop in oxygen concentration, i.e, hypoxia, that ultimately leads to cell death, tissue necrosis, and disruption of tissue continuity. Despite our qualitative understanding of the initiating mechanisms of pressure ulcers, we are lacking quantitative knowledge of the relationship between applied pressure, ski...
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In conclusion, there is solid evidence that obesity deregulates cellular mechanisms related to nutrient sensing. Altered Intercellular Communication It is accepted that aging impacts the organism at the cellular level, but also decreases the capacity of cells of an organism to interact. During aging, there is a decreased communication at the neuronal, neuroendocrine, and endocrine levels. Two of the most compelling examples of impaired communication are inflammaging and immunosenescence. The inflammaging phenotype results in elevated cytokines. These cytokines can accelerate and propagate the aging process. T...
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Authors: Lung CW, Yang TD, Liau BY, Cheung WC, Jain S, Jan YK Abstract Pressure ulcer interventions are commonly assessed with measures of seating interface pressure, such as peak pressure gradients (PPGs). Decreases in PPG magnitudes may reduce pressure ulcer risk by decreasing tissue deformation and increasing tissue perfusion of at-risk weight-bearing tissues. Changes in PPG directions, which have previously been overlooked in the seating pressure literature, may provide a transient increase in blood flow to at-risk tissues, even if the PPG magnitude and location remain the same. The purpose of this study was to...
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It is with great interest that we read the study entitled ‘Improvement of local microcirculation through intermittent Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT)’ by Sogorski et al. in healthy volunteers [1]. Although many studies have previously assessed perfusion changes during NPWT with laser Doppler flowmetry (LDF), LDF has become a controversial techni que in NPWT perfusion research since the pioneering work of Kairinos et al. [2–4] Because Sogorski et al. simultaneously measured perfusion changes during cutaneous NPWT with both LDF as well as previously unexploited spectroscopic techniques, their study t...
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Condition:   Perfusion; Complications Interventions:   Drug: Nitroglycerin;   Device: Negative Pressure Wound Therapy/ Wound VAC;   Other: Fluorescent Angiography with indocyanine-green (not to exceed 5mg/kg);   Other: No treatment Sponsor:   Wake Forest University Health Sciences Recruiting
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