Unintended Changes in Contralateral Limb as a Result of Acute Gait Modification.

Unintended Changes in Contralateral Limb as a Result of Acute Gait Modification. J Appl Biomech. 2019 Dec 04;:1-7 Authors: Eddo OO, Lindsey BW, Caswell SV, Prebble M, Cortes N Abstract Gait modification using real-time biofeedback is a conservative intervention associated with positive outcomes. Results from systematic reviews corroborate the effectiveness of various strategies employing real-time biofeedback for reducing estimated knee joint load. The effects on the nonmodified limb, however, remain unclear. Biomechanical changes to the nonmodified limb were investigated during unilaterally implemented medial knee thrust, lateral trunk lean, and toe-in foot progression. Nineteen healthy participants were recruited. Ten trials were completed for each gait condition including baseline. Assigned magnitude for each gait modification strategy was individualized based on the mean and SD of the gait parameter during baseline. Visual real-time biofeedback was provided. During medial knee thrust, participants' nonmodified limb presented with increased: first peak medial knee contact force, internal first peak knee extensor moment, as well as knee- and hip-flexion angles at internal first peak knee extensor moment. Observed biomechanical changes are elucidative of the body's attempt to attenuate increased external loads. These findings may carry significant implications for pathological populations. Load redistribution to the nonmodified side may result in unfavor...
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ConclusionsKT plus quadriceps strengthening exercise does not offer advantages for improvement of pain compared with quadriceps strengthening exercise alone in knee OA.ResumenAntecedentesLos efectos benéficos del ejercicio en el tratamiento de la osteoartritis (OA) de rodilla han sido verificados en varios estudios. El vendaje kinesiológico o kinesiotaping (KT) se ha popularizado debido a la reducción de la presión local y el aumento de la circulación, lo que resulta en disminución del dolor.ObjetivoDeterminar la efectividad clínica de la terapia de fortalecimiento en conjun...
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Conclusion. This large systematic review of over 11,000 participants demonstrates that topical diclofenac is effective for acute pain, such as sprains and strains, with minimal AEs. The effectiveness of topical diclofenac was also demonstrated in chronic musculoskeletal pain, such as osteoarthritis, but with a higher NNT (worse) compared with acute pain. Again, the incidence of AEs was low. Formulation does play a part in effectiveness, and studies are needed to investigate this further. Studies of chronic pain outside of osteoarthritis would also be helpful. PMID: 31944135 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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ConclusionDesign modifications to improve patellofemoral mechanics demonstrated significant improvements in overall pain and patellofemoral pain and reduced manipulation rates post-operatively.
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This article reviews the structure, biochemical composition and functions of the synovial membrane and by focusing on the role of synovial fibroblasts explains key features of articular tissue remodelling particularly under disease conditions.
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Link N suppresses interleukin-1β-induced biological effects on human osteoarthritic cartilage. Eur Cell Mater. 2020 Jan 15;39:65-76 Authors: Alaqeel M, Grant MP, Epure LM, Salem O, AlShaer A, Huk OL, Bergeron SG, Zukor DJ, Kc R, Im HJ, Anbazhagan AN, Antoniou J, Mwale F Abstract Osteoarthritis (OA) is a disease of diarthrodial joints associated with extracellular matrix proteolytic degradation under inflammatory conditions, pain and disability. Currently, there is no therapy to prevent, reverse or modulate the disease course. The present study aimed at evaluating the regenerative potential of Link...
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Osteoarthritis (OA), degeneration of cartilage associated with aging, lifestyle, and trauma, is one of the most common diseases that leads to lower quality of life and socioeconomic burden in the United States. Clinically, OA is initially managed by non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, but eventually requires surgical intervention to reduce pain and increase function. Cartilage is a mechanotransductive tissue and requires a mechanical stimulus to sustain its mechanical and physiologic properties.
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J Knee Surg DOI: 10.1055/s-0039-1700978To improve the long-term outcomes of high tibial osteotomy (HTO) for gonarthritis, many cartilage repair procedures appeared, but their effects were controversial. To evaluate the efficacy of cartilage repair procedures during HTO for gonarthritis, we performed this update meta-analysis. We performed the system retrieval for clinical trials using various databases and then pooled the outcomes of the included studies. Fifteen studies were involved. The pooled results indicated that there were no significant differences in Kellgren and Lawrence (KL) scale (mean difference [MD] =&...
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Abstract CONTEXT: Ultrasound imaging provides a cost-effective method of measuring quadriceps morphology, which may be related to self-reported function after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACLR). OBJECTIVE: To compare quadriceps morphology and strength between limbs in individuals with ACLR and matched control limbs and determine their associations with self-reported function. DESIGN: Cross-sectional study. SETTING: Research laboratory. PATIENTS OR OTHER PARTICIPANTS: Forty-two individuals with ACLR (females = 66%; age = 21.8 ± 2.6 years; time since ACLR = 50.5 ± 29.4...
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During recent years, the significant influence of mitochondria on osteoarthritis (OA), the most common joint disease, has been consistently demonstrated. Not only mitochondrial dysfunction but also mitochondrial genetic polymorphisms, specifically the mitochondrial DNA haplogroups, have been shown to have an important influence on different OA-related features, including the prevalence, severity, incidence, and progression of the disease. This influence could probably be mediated by the role of mitochondria in the regulation of different processes involved in the pathogenesis of OA, such as energy production, the generatio...
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Spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia, a combination of progressive arthropathy with variable signs of skeletal dysplasia, can be a result of mutations in the collagen, type II, alpha 1 (COL2A1) gene. However, the bone involvement (e.g., density, microstructure) in this disorder has hitherto not been studied.
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