Appraisal of fire safety interventions and strategies for informal settlements in South Africa - Walls RS, Eksteen R, Kahanji C, Cicione A.

Informal settlements are inherently unstructured in nature, lack adequate services, regularly have high population densities and can experience social problems. Thus, fires can easily propagate rapidly through such areas, leaving thousands homeless in a si...
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The meet-cute is neatly postponed in this entertaining story of two next-door neighbours, both seeing therapists and looking for loveMuch like the process of psychotherapy itself, patience is required for results while watching this modestly entertaining slow-burn Parisian romance fromC édric Klapisch, who pulls off a neat trick by bumping the meet-cute to the end of the film.What happens before his protagonists clap eyes on each other is a kind of emotional spring clean. Both of them, a man and woman in their early 30s, are struggling with anxiety and stress; they find their way to therapy and sift through their se...
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Publication date: Available online 13 November 2019Source: Arthroscopy TechniquesAuthor(s): Burak Altintas, Frank Martetschläger, Erik M. Fritz, Ryan J. Warth, Joshua A. Greenspoon, Travis C. Burns, Nicole L. Anderson, Peter J. MillettAbstractSurgical exposure of the glenoid after previous coracoid process transfer is technically challenging as a result of distorted anatomy, obliterated soft-tissue planes, and adhesive scar tissue, which poses additional risk to adjacent neurovascular structures. The purpose of this article is to present a technique for glenoid exposure following coracoid transfer that involves tenoto...
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The objective of this clinical study was to evaluate the efficacy of a vaginal CO2 laser treatment (CO2RE Intima) in patients with moderate, severe and very severe stress urinary incontinence (SUI) or mixed urinary incontinence (MUI), as well as its impact in sexual relations.DesignThis was a single-center, prospective, interventional study that included 25 women aged 35-68 years who presented with moderate, severe and very severe symptoms of SUI or MUI, based on Sandvik index and ICIQ-UI scores. A series of three fractional micro-ablative CO2 vaginal laser treatment sessions was performed, each spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart. ...
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ConclusionGrill-related injuries are a relatively common cause of admission to the Cologne Burn Center. Although grill-related injuries underwent a less aggressive approach than the other investigated fire injuries, the former represent a public health concern because they mainly affect the upper body, with both psychologic and aesthetic consequences. We recommend a German nationwide multi-centric study of the patterns and characteristics of burn injury.
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ConclusionsThis study provides the largest description of first aid use in sub-Saharan Africa, strengthening the evidence that remedies aside from water are commonly used and that higher parental education levels do not translate to increased use of water, but rather use of alternative treatments. Our qualitative findings allow improved understanding of how first aid for paediatric burns is perceived in rural Malawi communities, providing insight as to why certain first aid choices are made and the possible barriers and facilitators to the adoption of water as a first aid treatment.
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Publication date: Available online 13 November 2019Source: BurnsAuthor(s): Colleen M. Ryan, Jeffrey C. Schneider, James C. Jeng
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Police officer Charles Thomas (left) examines an Esmarch chloroform mask (similar to the museum example,right) found in November of 1933 alongside the dead body of Chicagoan Rheta Wynekoop. As the latter ’s philandering husband rode a train out of town, his cash-strapped mother, physician Alice Wynekoop (1871 to 1955), confirmed that she had already taken out extra life insurance on Rheta. When Rheta complained of abdominal pain, her mother-in-law chloroformed her “for the examination.” Panick ing when Rheta appeared to have dropped dead, Dr. Wynekoop tried to cover up the medical mishap by shooting her d...
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In this study, we compared the chemical constituents of well-processed Bletilla Tuber (BT1) and normally processed Bletilla Tuber (BT2) derived from the same origin. In addition, as an indicator of the hemostatic activity of Bletilla Tuber, the NO inhibitory activities of extracts obtained from BT1 and BT2 and the isolated compounds were examined. As a result of LC –MS analysis, three types of compounds, glucosyloxybenzyl 2-isobutylmalates, bibenzyl derivatives and phenanthrene derivatives, were detected. Comparison of the chemical profiles of the extracts indicated that the relative contents of glucosyloxybenzyl 2-i...
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Conclusions In cases where normal skin is still present on the axillary and cubital fossa with scar contracture caused by extensive burns, the subcutaneous propeller flap methods and their modifications should be considered one of the most useful versatile reconstruction methods. Namaste flap in addition to the advantages of subcutaneous pedicle propeller flap also negates the disadvantages caused by the use of split skin grafting of the donor area.
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Conclusions We conclude that patients with burn sequelae involving the anterior neck and thorax have a significantly greater degree of flap descent and neck extension compared with patients with burn sequelae involving only the anterior neck. Flaps of a larger surface area or use of multiple flaps for neck resurfacing may be considered to avoid significant flap descent associated with burn sequelae involving both the anterior neck and thorax.
Source: Annals of Plastic Surgery - Category: Cosmetic Surgery Tags: Burn Surgery and Research Source Type: research
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