CO-INFXN (Anaplasma Phagocytophilum, Babesia Microti, Bartonella Henselae, Borrelia Burgdorferi Nosode, Ehrlichia Nosode (Canine), Encephalitis Nosode, Mycoplasma Pneumoniae, Meningococcus Nosode, Hepatitis B Nosode) Liquid Deseret Biologicals, Inc.

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Publication date: Available online 13 August 2020Source: Current Therapeutic ResearchAuthor(s): Marlen Ivón Castellanos Fernández, Maria Edelina Cepeda Mullo, Deyanira la Rosa Hernández, Hector Vega Sánchez, Licet González Fabian, Robert G. Gish, Ana Luisa Torres González, Zaily Dorta Guridi
Source: Current Therapeutic Research - Category: Drugs & Pharmacology Source Type: research
This study is aimed to evaluate sCD138 and FLC levels as diagnostic biomarkers of HCV-related MC with B-NHL. PATIENTS AND METHODS: We enrolled 35 HCV-MC-NHL patients, characterized for the specific type of cryoglobulins, and 25 healthy blood donors (HBD) as negative control. Serum sCD138 levels were determined using ELISA kits specific for human sCD138. Serum FLCs were assessed by means of the turbidimetric assay. RESULTS: We found that serum levels of sCD138, as well as FLCs, were significantly higher in patients than in HBD (p
Source: European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences - Category: Drugs & Pharmacology Tags: Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci Source Type: research
Authors: Kusama K, Nakae Y, Tada M, Higashiyama Y, Miyaji Y, Yamaura G, Kunii M, Tanaka K, Ohyama K, Koike H, Joki H, Doi H, Koyano S, Tanaka F Abstract We herein report a 33-year-old woman who was an asymptomatic hepatitis B virus (HBV) carrier and presented with distal muscle weakness in the legs and asymmetrical paresthesia in the distal extremities. A nerve biopsy specimen revealed fibrinoid necrosis associated with inflammatory infiltration in the perineural space, and deposition of hepatitis B core antigen and C4d complement was detected in the vascular endothelial cells as well as around the vessels. She was...
Source: Internal Medicine - Category: Internal Medicine Tags: Intern Med Source Type: research
CONCLUSION: cASC-HCC is a rare, malignant tumor with high rates of recurrence and metastasis. It mainly occurs in the right lobe of the liver, especially in older men with a history of hepatitis or intrahepatic cholangiolithiasis. Surgery is the main treatment method. PMID: 32782687 [PubMed]
Source: International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Pathology - Category: Pathology Authors: Tags: Int J Clin Exp Pathol Source Type: research
Authors: Köroğlu M, Altındiş S, Aydemir Ö, Yüksel B, Demiray T, Erkorkmaz Ü, Aslan FG, Otlu B, Altındiş M, LabBioSafety TR Çalışma Grubu Abstract Medical laboratory personnel may be exposed to various hazards, especially biological and chemical, during their routine activities. In this multicenter study, which could reflect the nation wide results, it was aimed to determine the safety and biosecurity practices of the employee working in medical microbiology laboratories and to reveal the current situation. A total of 1072 personnel working in the Medical Microbiology Laboratory of ...
Source: Mikrobiyoloji Bulteni - Category: Microbiology Tags: Mikrobiyol Bul Source Type: research
CONCLUSIONS: lower percentages in absence of vaccination occurred in women who were in the job market and had a higher number of prenatal consultations. This suggests that socioeconomic inequalities may interfere with the vaccination of pregnant women in health services. PMID: 32756751 [PubMed - in process]
Source: Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem - Category: Nursing Authors: Tags: Rev Bras Enferm Source Type: research
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