NEC sets policy on Brexit and so much more

“We are very much involved on Brexit – but the union is also doing much more on the major issues which affect public services and public service workers,” general secretary Dave Prentis told the UNISON national executive council when it met. But Brexit was still a key part both of his report and the debate in the meeting. The situation is changing by the minute, the NEC heard as it met just nine days before Britain is due to leave the EU without a deal. Mr Prentis noted that public services unions from across the world are meeting at the PSI Congress tomorrow, and the experience of colleagues dealing with WTO rules is “it’s public services that suffer as transnational companies come in and take over.” Another priority for UNISON has always been to have “nothing that impinges on the Good Friday Agreement,” a point reiterated strongly by Northern Ireland members. “We cannot tolerate having a no-deal exit,” declared Mr Prentis. The NEC agreed that proposals for “Common Market 2.0” or “Norway +” with the single market and a customs union, best meet the union’s tests on behalf of members, and the union would support the principle of a confirmatory referendum on any agreement, depending on the question, if it proves impossible to have a general election. But, “as a union, we have got to get in first and say what we want for a future relationship with the European Union and the rest of th...
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In this study, it is seen that kefir has positive effects on sleep disturbances, depression, and quality of life in postmenopausal women.
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Changes to two kinds of sleep brain waves that tend to occur with age predict the build up of tau tangles and beta-amyloid plaques -harbingers of Alzheimer's - a new UC Berkeley study suggests.
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Alternatives to prescription drugs for insomnia offer better, safer and more long-lasting solutions, experts say.
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MONDAY, June 17, 2019 -- Increasing the length of nightly sleep may help reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease and metabolic disorders, according to a review published online June 5 in the Journal of Sleep Research. Rob H.P. Henst, from the...
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Abstract Background: Current therapeutic modalities for fibromyalgia (FM) do not provide satisfactory results and new approaches have to be explored. Objectives: To assess efficacy and safety of adding a phytotherapy treatment (Fib-19-01) to the current therapeutic regimen in patients with FM. Methods: Double-blind controlled trial: women with active FM (Fibromyalgia Index Questionnaire FIQ> 40) were randomised to receive Fib-19-01 or a food supplement (FS) undistinguishable from Fib-19-01 or no supplementary treatment (NoST). All continued the conventional therapy throughout the 6 month follow-up. Pr...
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DR RAHUL JANDIAL: Today, in the last of our exclusive two-part series, I'll look in more detail at how you can take control of your own brain health using simple exercises and science-based advice.
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Neuropsychopharmacology, Published online: 17 June 2019; doi:10.1038/s41386-019-0439-zSleep deficiency and chronic pain: potential underlying mechanisms and clinical implications
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Daily rhythms of biological activity, such as cycles of sleep–wake and feeding–fasting, are coupled to cell-autonomous circadian clocks to synchronize organismal food intake with cellular bioenergetics. Food intake during wake stimulates biosynthesis followed by rest periods of autophagy, which degrades damaged macromolecules and recycles them as nutrients to enhance fitness. In this issue of The EMBO Journal, Pastore et al discovered that regulators of autophagy, TFEB and TFE3, are activated during the rest phase and ultimately drive the expression of Rev-erbα, a component of the core circadian mole...
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ConclusionsBRNS did not significantly improve subjective measures of sleep quality and nasal congestion compared with placebo strips in this population of chronic nocturnal congestion sufferers with self-reported sleep impairment, possibly due to a strong placebo effect.FundingGlaxoSmithKline Consumer Registration NumbersStudy 1: NCT03549117; Study 2: NCT03549130.
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Yoga has always been a source of strength and conditioning for me. Even as a child I was naturally flexible and athletic. The active, bendy part was easy, but the part of yoga that requires being still, breathing deeply, and quieting of my mind was nearly impossible for me and definitely not enjoyable. It’s a little bit ironic that part later became absolutely necessary to achieve the type of peace I was seeking. With anxiety that manifested as almost paralyzing self-consciousness, my mind was constantly analyzing every situation and circumstance, spending overwhelming amounts of time ruminating on words I had chosen...
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