Can music therapy really beat Prozac?

Meet the revolutionary musician who is proving that AlphamusicTherapy can have the same effect as antidepressants, stop insomnia and cure anxiety, too
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When we hear someone is psychotic, we automatically think of psychopaths and cold-blooded criminals. We automatically think “Oh wow, they’re really crazy!” And we automatically think of plenty of other myths and misconceptions that only further the stigma surrounding psychosis. In other words, the reality is that we get psychosis very wrong. For starters, psychosis consists of hallucinations and/or delusions. “You can have one or both at the same time,” said Devon MacDermott, Ph.D, a psychologist who previously worked in psychiatric hospitals and outpatient centers, treating individuals experi...
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“To die, to sleep — perchance to dream — ay, there’s the rub, for in this sleep of death what dreams may come…” – William Shakespeare, Hamlet Everyone requires sleep in order to function properly. Sleep is known to aid in healing, in memory formation, reducing stress, eliminating toxins – literally wiping the slate clean of the day’s experiences to begin anew. The subject of decades of research, sleep science continues to amass evidence of new health benefits from sleep. A Single Gene Ties Sleep to Immunity A newly discovered single gene, called nemuri, increase...
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In conclusion, the studies presented in the current review demonstrate that CBD has the potential to limit delta-9-THC-induced cognitive impairment and improve cognitive function in various pathological conditions. Human studies suggest that CBD may have a protective role in delta-9-THC-induced cognitive impairments; however, there is limited human evidence for CBD treatment effects in pathological states (e.g. schizophrenia). In short, they found that CBD may help alleviate the negative impact of a person with schizophrenia from taking cannabis, both in the psychotic and cognitive symptoms associated with schizophrenia. T...
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CONCLUSIONS: In this single center study, we found that VM typically affects women in their 40s, with a personal and family history of migraine. Typical ictal symptoms were triggered and spontaneous vertigo, associated with photophobia and phonophobia, nausea, aural symptoms, and headache. Interictal vestibular symptoms, comorbid psychiatric disorders, and non-specific interictal neuro-otologic findings were common. PMID: 30737783 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Authors: Liu JB, Leng JL, Wang YG, Zhang Y, Tang TY, Tao LH, Zhang XJ, Liu CF Abstract Background: Nonmotor symptoms (NMS) are prodromal characteristics of Parkinson's disease (PD). The first-degree relatives (FDR) of PD patients had a higher risk of PD and also had more NMS. Objective: To delineate NMS in FDR of patients with different clinical types of PD. Methods: A total of 98 PD probands were recruited; 256 siblings of them were enrolled in the FDR group. Various scales were used to assess NMS, including depression, anxiety, cognitive impairment, insomnia, constipation, excessive daytime sleepiness, ra...
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Parents everywhere are complaining that kids are using their phones way too much. They are glued to their screens at dinnertime, staying up when they should be asleep and are opting for virtual interaction over real-life conversations. It’s a growing problem, and even 50% of teens themselves think they’re addicted to their smartphones. Such a high level of usage makes it easy for teens to develop an addiction to their phones and many parents and teens are oblivious to the dangers this presents. For starters, dangerous levels of phone use could lead to internet addiction. This could in turn spiral to serious iss...
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ConclusionsMost people chose to describe adverse drug reactions in their own words rather than selecting adverse drug reactions from a patient-friendly terms list. Although the patient-friendly terms list may be a useful feature for some patients or for some adverse drug reactions, it should not replace the option for patients to describe adverse drug reactions in their own words.
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According to this study, CBD causes hormonal changes that can lessen the intensity of anxiety disorders including generalized anxiety disorder, PTSD, and social anxiety. Regulates Behaviour &Cognition CBD interacts with a broad range of receptors, and through complicated processes, it works as a therapeutic agent. While behavioral patterns tend to be complicated for many people, there are ways that CBD can reduce destructive behavior and facilitate positive change. For instance, addiction is one of the areas that lead to unproductive behavioral patterns, and CBD has been used successfully to treat different forms of ad...
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Abstract Self-reported somatic arousal remains a challenging clinical construct, particularly because only a subset of patients report symptoms such as racing heart, palpitations or increased body temperature interfering with their sleep. It is unclear whether self-reported somatic arousal is a marker of hyperarousal or co-morbid clinical anxiety in individuals with insomnia. Participants included 196 young adults aged 20.2 ± 1.0 years old who were predominantly females (75%). About 39% of the sample reported subthreshold insomnia, and about 8% reported clinically significant insomnia, based on their ...
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ConclusionsWe analyzed the characteristics of the psychiatric disorders due to work-related burn injury for which compensation was received from 2005 to 2014 according to the approved results. To gain a long-term understanding of the management of workers’ compensation status for psychiatric disorders due to work-related burn injuries, we should gather accurate information on the risk factors involved in order to achieve the needed systematic improvements.
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