EXCLUSIVE: Cincinnati medical practice reveals expansion plan

BrightView Health has opened an outpatient treatment facility in Chillicothe, and the Cincinnati-based medical practice intends to open similar addiction treatment centers in at least five more Ohio cities. Founded in 2014 in Norwood and now based in Walnut Hills, BrightView has four Greater Cincinnati locations plus one in Dayton and the new center in Chillicothe.  BrightView, which cares for people battling drug or alcohol addictions, focuses on medication assisted treatment such as Suboxone,…
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Acid, or LSD, is a drug that can cause hallucinations and feelings of euphoria. In this article, learn how long these effects last and how long the drug stays in the human body.
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Addiction is a chronic condition that leads to overdose and death. Addiction ruins lives, families and devastates communities. If you are suffering from addiction, it can be normal to ask yourself hard questions such as, “will I suffer from addiction forever? Is there a cure for addiction?” While there is no magic wand that can cure addiction, it is a treatable condition. When addiction is treated, people can go on to live normal, happy, healthy lives. While addiction may cause a lot of destruction and fractured relationships in its path, people can repair and move on from them as well. The Cure for Addiction:...
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Reasons It Is Hard to Get Help for My Addiction Breaking free from the prison that addiction holds you in is very difficult. It can often be a long, bumpy road to recovery because long-lasting sobriety takes a lot of effort. It can make many people stop to wonder: Why is it so hard to get help for my addiction? Roadblocks of Getting Help for My Addiction One of the many reasons you may be thinking, “why is it so hard to get help for my addiction?” is because there can be many roadblocks in the way. Some of these roadblocks include life obligations, the detox process, and the financial cost of treatment. Life Ob...
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You're reading The Impact of the Media’s Glamorization of Drug Abuse on Mental Health, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. We often hear about celebrities with addictions from various news outlets. Addiction and mental health issues can affect anyone. In fact, about 19% of all U.S. adults have dealt or are currently dealing with a mental illness, according to a national survey held by SAMHSA in 2017. The Role of Media in Drug Abuse It has been shown that the media contributes to the stigma of m...
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Pharmacological treatments for Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) are few in number and often ineffective, despite the significant research carried out so far to better comprehend the neurochemical underpinnings of the disease. Hence, research has been directed towards the discovery of novel therapeutic targets for the treatment of alcohol addiction. In the last decade, the sigma receptor system has been proposed as a potential mediator of alcohol reward and reinforcement. Preclinical studies have shown that the motivational effects of alcohol and excessive ethanol consumption involve the recruitment of the sigma receptor system. ...
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In conclusion, FT and its interplay with personality traits commonly related to disorganized attachment (anxiety and PTSD) might be important factors to consider within therapeutic programs for persons with substance addiction.
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Daily we all experience a variety of emotions. Certain things make us happy, others sad. We may see certain people and feel love, or see other people who make us angry. And although most of us don’t go around discussing each emotion we are feeling, we aren’t really thinking about hiding them either. There is, however, one emotion that people sometimes feel and go to great lengths to avoid discussing, showing or admitting. Shame. Shame is a painful emotion that causes us to feel inadequate, unworthy and as though we have failed at, well, likely everything. It’s often confused with embarrassment or guilt, ...
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ABSTRACT: Largely underutilized in North America, the use of medications to treat alcohol dependence is frequently a successful method of reducing alcohol craving and promoting abstinence. Recovery from alcohol addiction can be a complicated process, requiring nutritional, social, psychological, spiritual, and physical aspects of healing and self-directed behavioral change. Nurses can intervene in alcohol use disorder via screening, referrals, support of medical and behavioral treatments, and spiritual care that emphasizes hope, forgiveness, and relief from shame and guilt.
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No matter how you slice it, relapse is a drag. Making the decision to quit wasn’t easy. Your life hadn’t been going in the right direction for a while. A lot of things were going wrong, and most of them were because of drugs, alcohol or other addictive behaviors. The people in your life were starting to resent you and think you were nothing but trouble, and you know what? They probably weren’t wrong. You finally made the right decision for yourself and for those around you, and you got clean. You looked different, you felt different, and the people in your life that mattered were proud of you. Then you re...
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