Long-term effects of metacognitive strategy instruction on student academic performance: A meta-analysis

We examined the long-term effects of 48 metacognitive strategy instruction interventions on student academic performance. The results show a very small increase of the effect at long-term compared with the posttest effects. The instruction effect at posttest increased from Hedges' g = 0.50 to 0.63 at follow-up test. Moderator analyses showed that low SES students benefited the most at long-term. Furthermore, instructions including the cognitive strategy ‘rehearsal’ had lower long-term effects compared to interventions without this component. Other specific strategies (within categories metacognitive, cognitive, management, or motivational) did not moderate the overall positive long-term effect of metacognitive strategy instructions. Particular attributes of the intervention –subject domain, measurement instrument, duration, time between posttest and follow-up test, and cooperation – neither had an impact on the follow-up effect.
Source: Educational Research Review - Category: Child Development Source Type: research

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Publication date: July 2019Source: Journal of Phonetics, Volume 75Author(s): Meng Yang, Megha SundaraAbstractPrevious research shows that experience with co-varying cues is neither sufficient nor necessary for listeners to integrate them perceptually. Auditory Enhancement theorists explain this by positing that listeners integrate two cues more readily if the cues enhance each other’s percept. To isolate the role of enhancement from that of experience, we forced English adult listeners to shift attention between two enhancing cues that they do not use phonemically, pitch and breathiness, by reversing the informativen...
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This study uses German social security records to provide novel evidence on cohort trends of the heterogeneity in life expectancy by lifetime earnings and, additionally, documents the distributional implications of this earnings-related heterogeneity. We find a strong association between lifetime earnings and life expectancy at age 65 and show that the longevity gap is increasing across cohorts. For West German male employees born 1926-28, the longevity gap between top and bottom decile amounts to about 4 years (about 30%). This gap increases to 7 years (almost 50%) for cohorts 1947-49. We extend our analysis to the househ...
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ConclusionsAlthough the current supply appears to be needed, considering the expected increase and uncertainty in medical needs. However, there is a possibility of a future oversupply, especially after 2025, when the rate of increase in demand will lessen. Further studies are required to evaluate the distribution of physical therapists among regions and specialties.
Source: Health Policy and Technology - Category: Health Management Source Type: research
Authors: Bouhaddaoui S, Chabir R, Errachidi F, El Ghadraoui L, El Khalfi B, Benjelloun M, Soukri A Abstract Due to its balanced composition in basic nutrients, its richness in vitamins and in minerals, camel milk has a special place in the daily diet of southern populations. The present study aimed at examining some physicochemical and biochemical characteristics of camel milk (Camelus dromedarius) in Morocco. To achieve this aim, three batches of samples of camel milk were collected from various regions (Dakhla, Errachida, and Fès-Meknes) undergoing physicochemical and biochemical analyses. Results showed t...
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Authors: Sugiyama A, Schartl M, Naruse K Abstract Melanocytic tumors in Xiphophorus melanoma receptor kinase (xmrk)-transgenic Carbio and HB11A strains of medaka were examined histopathologically at 7 months post-hatching. Medaka of both strains developed melanocytic tumors with a penetrance of 100%. In both strains, neoplastic cells containing intracytoplasmic melanin pigment granules showed significant invasive growth patterns. In addition, epithelioid neoplastic cells were arranged in solid nests, and spindle neoplastic cells were arranged in interlacing streams and bundles. Nuclear atypia, anisokaryosis, cellul...
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Authors: Yasuno K, Igura S, Yamaguchi Y, Imaoka M, Kai K, Mori K Abstract Pancreatic acinar cell vacuolation is spontaneously observed in mice; however, the lesion is rare and has not been well documented. Herein, we present a detailed pathological examination of this lesion. Vacuoles in pancreatic acinar cells were present in 2/15 X gene knockout mice with a C57BL/6J mouse background, 4/298 ICR(CD-1) mice, 1/110 B6C3F1 mice, and 3/399 CByB6F1-Tg(HRAS)2Jic mice. The vacuoles were usually observed in a unit of the acinus, and the lesions were spread throughout the pancreas. These vacuoles contained weakly basophilic...
Source: Journal of Toxicologic Pathology - Category: Toxicology Tags: J Toxicol Pathol Source Type: research
Authors: Kato Y, Kashiwagi E, Asaoka Y, Fujisawa K, Tsuchiya N, Torii M Abstract The present report describes an adrenal dysplasia in which developmental abnormality was observed in the adrenal gland of a six-week-old male Crl:CD(SD) rat. Microscopically, a localized lesion composed of mildly vacuolated adrenal fasciculata cells with a slightly disturbed cord structure and containing areas with high cell density was observed in a unilateral adrenal gland; no macroscopical changes were detected in the organ. The areas with high cell density consisted of two cell types. One type included small cells with a round nucl...
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In conclusion, γ-H2AX in combination with other gene expression analyses could be a useful biomarker in a short-term experiment on gastric chemical genotoxicity. PMID: 31092975 [PubMed]
Source: Journal of Toxicologic Pathology - Category: Toxicology Tags: J Toxicol Pathol Source Type: research
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