In Memoriam: Steven LeRoy Linder, MD (1945 –2015)

I had the honor of knowing Steven LeRoy Linder, for 38 years; I had the pleasure of working with him for 30 years. My friend, partner, and colleague passed away on June 10, 2015 after a 15-month battle with lymphoma.
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Conditions:   T-Cell Lymphoma;   Indolent B-Cell Lymphoma Interventions:   Drug: Duvelisib;   Procedure: Peripheral blood draw Sponsors:   Washington University School of Medicine;   Verastem, Inc. Not yet recruiting
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Authors: Yumeen S, Girardi M Abstract Cutaneous T cell lymphoma (CTCL) is a rare malignancy of skin-homing T lymphocytes. Advances in whole exome sequencing have identified a vast number of both single nucleotide variants (SNVs) and genomic copy number alterations (GCNAs) as driver mutations present in CTCL cells. These alterations cluster within several key pathways - T cell/NF-κB/JAK-STAT activation, cell cycle dysregulation/apoptosis, and DNA structural dysregulation affecting gene expression - allowing the maintenance of a population of proliferating, activated malignant T lymphocytes. While much of the c...
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Low-Dose Intralesional Recombinant Interferon-α2b in the Treatment of Mycosis Fungoides. Yale J Biol Med. 2020 Mar;93(1):41-44 Authors: Hu JK, Carlson K, Girardi M Abstract Mycosis fungoides (MF), the most common form of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL), is characterized by malignant CD4+ skin-homing T-cells that drive formation of cutaneous patches, plaques, and/or tumors. MF's known immunogenicity makes it an ideal candidate for local immunotherapy. Recombinant human leukocyte interferon-α2 (rIFN-α2) has well-established immunomodulatory, antiproliferative, and antitumor effects; an...
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Authors: Charifa A, Paulson N, Levy L, Perincheri S, Lee A, McNiff JM, Ko CJ Abstract Intravascular large B-cell lymphoma (IVLBCL) is a rare subset of extranodal non-Hodgkin lymphoma characterized by neoplastic lymphocytes within the lumina of small to medium-sized blood vessels. IVLBCLs are B-cell tumors that can present in essentially any organ system, including the skin. Cutaneous manifestations vary greatly and can mimic other skin disease which may delay diagnosis; in the absence of skin lesions, blind skin biopsies can be utilized for diagnosis. Early studies suggested that IVLBCL is a very aggressive lymphom...
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AbstractThree main patterns of T cell receptor (TCR) expression are identified in peripheral T cell lymphoma (PTCL): TCR- αβ type, TCR-γδ type, and TCR silent type. Cases of PTCL that express both αβ and γδ receptors are rare. Here, we report a case of PTCL-NOS (not otherwise specified) with dual αβ and γδ expression in a 61-year-old female 6 years after orthotopic cardiac transplant. The patient presented with fatigue, fever, worsening anemia, and thrombocytopenia. A chest CT showed multiple irregular lung nodules and diffuse lymphadenopathy. Cytolo...
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Conclusions: Our findings support the monomerization of ALK fusion proteins using EML4cc peptides for competitive inhibition of dimerization as a promising therapeutic strategy for EML4-ALK NSCLC. Further studies are warranted to explore the use of specific cc peptide as a therapeutic option for other lung cancers harboring driver fusion genes containing a cc or oligomerization domain within the fusion partner.
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Condition:   Lymphoid Malignancies Intervention:   Drug: Supra-Pharmacologic Dexamethasone sodium phosphate Sponsors:   AVM Biotechnology LLC;   Medpace, Inc. Not yet recruiting
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Condition:   Relapsed or Refractory Peripheral T-cell Lymphoma Intervention:   Drug: Chidamide, Lenalidomide Sponsor:   Sun Yat-sen University Recruiting
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Authors: Sachpekidis C, Exadaktylou P, Katsampoukas D, Moralidis E, Arsos G Abstract Peritoneal lymphomatosis, defined as the disseminated intraperitoneal lymphomatous infiltration, is a rare presentation usually of non-Hodgkin lymphoma and is associated with aggressive histological subtypes of the malignancy. Recently, the term "peritoneal super scan" has been introduced in positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT) in a patient with Burkitt lymphoma to describe hypermetabolic lymphomatous involvement of the entire peritoneum, leading to suppression of tracer uptake in organs with otherwis...
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We report a case of ITLPDGI successfully treated by involved field radiotherapy (IFRT). The patient presented with slow ITLPDGI localised to the stomach with mild symptoms. IFRT (30 Gy/20f) was administered, after which endoscopy revealed resolution of lesions and blood vessel appearance, and absence of proliferating abnormal lymphocytes was confirmed by biopsy. The patient remains lymphoma-free 1 year post-treatment. Although long-term follow-up and additional cases are essential for the evaluation of IFRT as a treatment option for localised ITLPDGL, complete remission after relatively low-dose IFRT is promising, particul...
Source: Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hematopathology : JCEH - Category: Hematology Tags: J Clin Exp Hematop Source Type: research
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