Pole Vaulter With Cystic Fibrosis Clears Odds For Survival

BOSTON (CBS) — Clearing the bar and the challenges of life and living with cystic fibrosis far longer than anyone thought he would, Jerry Cahill says exercise has made all the difference.  He is in Boston for the premiere of a documentary about his extraordinary life.  This pole vaulter from New York not only has beaten the odds, he’s crushed them. “I’m 60 years old today, yes,” says Cahill smiling. And that’s a remarkable feat.  Jerry was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when he was a kid. “You build up a bacteria, the mucus gets really thick, and it starts to clog up the airways,” he says. When Jerry was diagnosed the average life expectancy for someone with CF was in the teens.  Today it’s 38. “When I was diagnosed the doctors told my parents, you’ll be lucky if your son makes it to his 16th birthday,” Jerry says. Now remember, Jerry is celebrating his 60th birthday today.  It’s serious, intense exercise that Jerry thinks has made the difference. “When I got out of college I was a pole vaulter, did a lot of running, gymnastics, weight lifting,” he says. A new documentary called “Up For Air” traces Jerry’s life and struggle with CF and shows how his fitness routine is it’s own form of therapy. “I think it’s the best way of airway clearance is through exercise, and the running and the coughing really helps clear o...
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Christina VanDerVelden, 17, of Jacksonville, Florida, slipped into a week-long coma after her healthy rapidly declined. The cystic fibrosis sufferer now needs a double lung transplant to survive.
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ABSTRACT The study of the human microbiome-and, more recently, that of the respiratory system-by means of sophisticated molecular biology techniques, has revealed the immense diversity of microbial colonization in humans, in human health, and in various diseases. Apparently, contrary to what has been believed, there can be nonpathogenic colonization of the lungs by microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Although this physiological lung microbiome presents low colony density, it presents high diversity. However, some pathological conditions lead to a loss of that diversity, with increasing concentrations of so...
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Authors: Regard L, Martin C, Chassagnon G, Burgel PR Abstract Introduction Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a genetic disease that primarily affects the respiratory system and often leads to respiratory failure and premature death. Although pulmonary complications contribute to 85% of deaths, non-pulmonary complications are responsible for significant morbidity and mortality in adults with CF. Areas covered This review summarizes acute and chronic non-pulmonary complications in CF patients, with emphasis on emerging complications and in the context of the current growth and ageing of the CF adult population. It also address...
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Conclusion: As for cardiac or hepatic transplantations, despite a strong immunosuppressive regimen, a high frequency of transient PF4/H Ab is observed in patients undergoing BLT. Their appareance is not related to thrombocytopenia and/or thrombotic events. However, they could be an early marker of a cellular reaction againts the graft.DisclosuresNo relevant conflicts of interest to declare.
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Conference abstracts
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Conclusion: There was 100% survival with all patients being discharged home within an average of 20.5 days post Tx. 100% were mobilised with physiotherapists within 12 hours of extubation, with an average increase in 6MWT on discharge of 360 mtrs. No patients required 02 therapy on discharge from MMUH.References:www.cfireland.ie/about-cf/living-with-cf (19.02.2108)Hirche et al., 2014 ‘Practice Guidelines: Lung Transplantatation in Patients with Cystic Fibrosis’ Pulm Med:621342
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Conclusion: We identified production of IL-17A among populations of ILCs, gamma delta T cells and iNKT cells in different lung disease entities which suggests that these cell populations can contribute to IL-17A-dependent pathologies in end stage lung disease.
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Background: 2017 NICE guidelines recommend use of a mucoactive agent [DNase, Mannitol, Hypertonic Saline] in patients with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) who have ‘clinical evidence of lung disease’ although a formal definition is not described. We speculated patients at our centre may have lung disease and not be treated according to guidelines.Aims: To use a pragmatic definition of ‘clinical evidence of lung disease’ to identify a patient cohort and assess NICE guideline adherence.Methods: Definition of lung disease used:·FEV1
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Conclusion: Improvement of FEV1 one year after LT was lower in CF patients with preoperative chronic Bcc infection and severe surgical complications, and at a longer length of stay in hospital during a year after LT.
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Conclusions: AAs after LT are common, with occurrence peaking 3 days after LT. Older age is associated with elevated risk. AAs-g had increased length of stay, although with no long-term survival impact.
Source: European Respiratory Journal - Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Tags: Acute Critical Care Source Type: research
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