Calling All Buprenorphine/Suboxone Doctors

Help!  I am hoping to create a list of people who have a real understanding of buprenorphine, in an attempt to reduce the stigma associated with buprenorphine and addiction.   I’m not ready to take my efforts public, so I need to be a bit cryptic at this point.  I ask that buprenorphine-certified physicians, or people with doctorates in the field of neurscience, neurochemistry, or psychology, send me an email, and I will reply with more details. Rest assured that I am NOT looking to create a mailing list, and I will not be asking for any personal information.  I am looking for help with a narrow, specific issue.  I need to hear from those who work with patients who are prescribe buprenorphine;  who have a sense of how those patients do on buprenorphine.  Your assistance will make a real difference in peoples’ lives. If you fit the description, please send me an email, at drj (at) fdlpsych (dot) com.  Thank you— I really appreciate your help.  
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