Purification, Measurement of Concentration, and Functional Complement Assay of Human Ficolins

Ficolins constitute a group of lectins involved in innate immunity. L-Ficolin, H-ficolin, and M-ficolin are present in human serum. The human ficolins differ in carbohydrate-binding specificity, but they have in common the ability to recognize the acetyl group. L-Ficolin and H-ficolin are associated with serine proteases termed MASPs (MBL-associated serine proteases) and their truncated proteins, and the complexes (L/H-ficolin–MASP) activate the lectin pathway of complement upon binding to their ligands. Recombinant M-ficolin is also able to form a complex with MASP, resulting in complement activation. L-Ficolin and H-ficolin can be purified as a complex with MASP from serum by utilizing their binding specificities. These ficolin–MASP complexes have an ability to activate C4. Human ficolins are quantified by ELISA using specific antibodies or ligands.
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