Rise in U.S. Stimulant Overdoses, Many Involving Opioids Rise in U.S. Stimulant Overdoses, Many Involving Opioids

Fatal overdoses involving cocaine and other stimulants like methamphetamine have been rising in the U.S. in recent years, and many deaths involve the use of these drugs along with at least one opioid.Reuters Health Information
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The overprescribing of opioid pain relievers (OPR) has led to a significant increase in opioid addiction and overdose. A cornerstone of combating the opioid epidemic is the development of peri-operative evidence based guidelines to standardize OPR prescribing practices and of opioid sparing Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocols. ERAS has been found to reduce the volume of OPR prescribed while improving outcomes and overall patient satisfaction in adult gynecologic and multiple pediatric surgical specialties.
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We present a case series to illustrate a new treatment paradigm utilizing front line EMS Paramedic units and high dose buprenorphine to treat withdrawal symptoms with next day bridge to long term care. The three patients described are exemplary cases, meant to represent overall characteristics of the intervention prior to complete data collection. Each patient was revived from opioid overdose with naloxone. Paramedics then treated each patient with 16 mg of buprenorphine to relieve and prevent withdrawal symptoms. Patients were provided with outpatient follow up irrespective of ED transport. To the best of our knowl...
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Over 2 million Americans misuse prescription or illicitly obtained opioids, and opioid overdose deaths rose to a record 47,600 in 2017, representing a nearly 600% increase in 18  years (1,2). Because patients with opioid use disorder (OUD) are often socioeconomically and functionally marginalized, the primary point of contact with health care for many is the emergency department (ED). Emergency clinicians are therefore ideally positioned to address the current opioid addic tion and overdose epidemic by preventing the development of OUD, identifying patients affected by OUD, and initiating the most effective treatments...
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Adolescents and young adults with family members on prescription opioids are more than twice as likely as others to overdose on the pain medications themselves, a new study has found.
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In this study of 72,000 adolescents and young adults, higher risk of youth overdose was associated with exposure to family members with opioid prescriptions and young people's own opioid prescriptions.
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This report uses data from the 2015-2018 National Surveys on Drug Use and Health (NSDUHs) to estimate methamphetamine use rates in the United States and to identify characteristics associated with past-year methamphetamine use. Rates (per 1,000 adults aged ≥18 years) for past-year methamphetamine use were estimated overall, by demographic group, and by state. Frequency of past-year use and prevalence of other substance use and mental illness among adults reporting past-year use were assessed. Multivariable logistic regression examined characteristics associated with past-year use. During 2015-2018, the estimated rate of...
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There are urgent needs for sensing devices capable of distinguishing between episodes of opioid overdose and nerve agent poisoning. This work presents a wearable microneedle sensor array for minimally invasive continuous electrochemical detection of opioid...
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IMPORTANCE: Prior lethality analyses of suicide means have historically treated drug poisoning other than alcohol poisoning as a lumped category. Assessing risk by drug class permits better assessment of prevention opportunities. OBJECTIVE: To inve...
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Stella Quentin is a 111 call handler for the South East Coast ambulance service. In normal times, the 300 call handlers in Stella’s office take around two to three thousand calls a day. The severity of calls ranges from sore throats and coughs to people who have taken drug overdoses. A 111 call handler has to be ready to deal with whatever is on the other end of the phone. As COVID-19 has emerged, the volume of calls has doubled, with some days seeing 7,000 calls. “Normally, it’s quite a brutal place to work,” says Stella. “The pressure is constant and, as soon as you finish one call you have ...
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i B Abstract Inflammatory diseases increase has recently sparked the research interest for drugs diagnostic tools development. At therapeutic doses, acetylsalicylic acid (ASA or aspirin) is widely used for these diseases' treatment. ASA overdoses can however give rise to adverse side effects including ulcers, gastric damage. Hence, development of simple, portable and sensitive methods for ASA detection is desirable. This paper reports aspirin analysis in urine, saliva and pharmaceutical tablet using an electrochemical sensor and a voltammetric electronic tongue (VE-Tongue). The electrochemical sensor was fabricate...
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