DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Could fasting 16 hours a day REALLY help you keep cancer at bay?

DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Breast and bowel cancer are strongly linked to excess fat, so keeping to a healthy weight will reduce your risk. I believe one of the best ways to do this is by intermittent fasting.
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BOWEL cancer is the most common forms of cancer in the UK. It ’s been estimated that if bowel cancer is picked up at the earliest stage, more than nine in ten patients survive the disease. If it is diagnosed very late on, nine in ten will die. What is the one major sign of bowel cancer that should never be ignored?
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BOWEL cancer is extremely common in the UK and over 40,000 people are given a bowel cancer diagnosis annually. Spotting the signs early is crucial for treatment to be more effective, and if you experience a certain sensation after you ’ve been to the toilet it could be a warning sign. What is it?
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The ketogenic diet is a low-carb, high-fat plan which even has its own hashtag #LCHF. But very low-carb diets often lack fibre - long proven to have a protective effect against bowel cancer.
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Scientists from Norway, Canada and the US, said those who are at low risk of the disease, but whose home tests raise red flags, could be harmed by the resulting colonoscopies.
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Screening for bowel cancer has been widely introduced, but the benefits are small and may not outweigh the risks of anxiety and false positives
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Only those at higher risk should be screened expert panel advises Related items fromOnMedica FOB associated with rise in all-cause mortality Young adults ’ rate of bowel cancer is rising in Europe Bowel cancer screening tests exceed target set in Scotland Chemicals in green vegetables show to prevent bowel cancer Cancer mortality cut by a third in young people
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(CNN) — Leading nutritional experts in the United States and the UK are fired up about new dietary recommendations claiming there’s no need to reduce your red and processed meat intake for good health. “This is a very irresponsible public health recommendation,” said Dr. Frank Hu, who chairs the nutrition department at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. The new guidelines and five corresponding studies are part of a systematic analysis of existing research done by NutriRECS, a recently formed international group of nutritionists and health researchers. NutriRECS says its mission is to &l...
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A new study from the University of South Australia researchers found the number of people that die from bowel or colorectal cancer (CRC) would be much higher without pre-diagnostic colonoscopies. Now more than 700,000 people die from bowel cancer each year according to the university. The researchers from the University’s Cancer Epidemiology and Population Health looked at data from 12,906 bowel cancer patients that indicate the fecal occult blood testing (FOBT) with a follow-up colonoscopy plays a key role in catching the disease early before symptoms appear. Results show that having one pre-diagnostic c...
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A new meta-review of several existing studies has found links between gut microbiome composition and trends in bowel cancer development.
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