After $50M funding, EverlyWell hires first chief medical officer

A transplant from the West Coast is the new chief medical officer at EverlyWell, an Austin startup that wants to change personal medicine by allowing people to test themselves at home for conditions like sexually transmitted diseases and food sensitivities.
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The success of fecal microbiota transplant (FMT) in treating recurrent Clostridioides difficile infection has led to growing excitement about the potential of using transplanted human material as a therapy for a wide range of diseases and conditions related to microbial dysbiosis. We anticipate that the next frontier of microbiota transplantation will be vaginal microbiota transplant (VMT). The composition of the vaginal microbiota has broad impact on sexual and reproductive health. The vaginal microbiota in the “optimal” state are one of the simplest communities, dominated by one of only a few species of Lact...
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[The Conversation Africa] A lifesaving partial liver transplant from an HIV-infected mother to her uninfected child - the first of its kind - was conducted last year at the University of the Witwatersrand's Donald Gordon Medical Centre in Johannesburg. More than a year later, both mother and child are doing well.
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[The Conversation Africa] South Africa has a dire shortage of organ donors. This means that doctors struggle to find suitable donor organs for critically ill patients who would die without receiving a transplant. Sometimes they have to make tough calls such as using a blood group incompatible organ to save a patient's life - even if this comes with additional risk.
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CONCLUSION: the scientific evidence generated provides support to encourage health professionals to incorporate the topic of sexuality in the routine of care. Knowledge gaps were identified and new studies should be conducted in order to implement interventions to prevent, minimize and/or control changes related to the patient's sexuality. PMID: 30183871 [PubMed - in process]
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This study aimed to use 16S rRNA gene sequences derived from koala feces to characterize the intestinal microbiome of koalas throughout antibiotic treatment and identify specific taxa associated with koala health after treatment. Although differences in the alpha diversity were observed in the intestinal flora between treated and untreated koalas and between koalas treated with different antibiotics, these differences were not statistically significant. The alpha diversity of microbial communities from koalas that lived through antibiotic treatment versus those who did not was significantly greater, however. Beta diversity...
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CONCLUSIONS: Sexually transmitted diseases may occur more frequently in sexually active asymptomatic renal transplant recipients than in nontransplanted individuals. Real-time multiplex polymerase chain reaction analysis may be a suitable method for determining these pathogens. PMID: 29619908 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Condyloma acuminatum (CA) is a common sexually transmitted disease associated with human papilloma virus (HPV). CA occurring in the urethra is rare and has not been reported in male renal transplant recipients. In addition, despite immunosuppressive conditions and increased risk of HPV-related malignancies in transplant recipients, HPV testing in male transplant recipients has been uncommon. Here we report a case of urethral CA in a male cadaveric renal transplantation recipient and discuss the importance of HPV testing in male transplant recipients.
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This study evaluates treatment outcomes from a clinical cohort with task-sharing between a clinical nurse practitioner and a medical officer. The researchers examined opportunities to increase treatment rates for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in South Africa.     Read more   Climate Change ...
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