Intubation in Operating Room versus Intensive Care: Comment

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Publication date: Available online 24 May 2019Source: MethodsAuthor(s): Heinz Steffens, Waja Wegner, Katrin I. WilligAbstractSuperresolution microscopy techniques are now widely used, but their application in living animals remains a challenging task. The first superresolution imaging in a live vertebrate was demonstrated with STED microscopy in the visual cortex of an anaesthetized mouse. Here, we explain the requirements for a simple but robust in vivo STED microscope as well as the surgical preparation of the cranial window and the mounting of the mouse in detail. We have developed a mounting stage with a heating plate ...
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In your opinion, will it be possible for an anesthesiologist that want to exclusively do their own cases without supervising midlevels be possible in the future? It looks like the role of the physician is changing to a more supervisory role in the ACT model, while I personally find that the most interesting aspect of anesthesia is to actually formulate the plan and administer anesthesia to the patients, and am wondering about the feasibility of doing that as a career. Will it be possible to... Future of anesthesiologists running their own cases
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for sedation? i remember vaguely that it is not, but i'm too lazy to look it up.
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Publication date: Available online 25 May 2019Source: PathophysiologyAuthor(s): Nikita Trembach, Igor ZabolotskikhAbstractIntroductionThe aim of this study was to assess the dynamics of baroreflex sensitivity (BRS) during laparoscopic colorectal surgery in patients with different chemoreflex sensitivity assessed with breath-holding test.MethodsThe study included 80 patients (mean age, 68 ± 7 years) who underwent routine laparoscopic colorectal surgery under general/epidural anaesthesia. Patients were retrospectively divided into two groups: with normal (breath-holding duration ≥38 s, group N ...
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ConclusionAmong veterans undergoing primary THA at a VA hospital, patients undergoing DAA THA had better perioperative outcomes than patients treated with the posterior approach despite similar demographics, American Society of Anesthesiologists score, and the DAA learning curve.
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This article reports the case of a 31-year-old male patient who was presented to the emergency department of Evangelismos General Hospital of Athens, due to a sharp penetrating injury on left side of his face. Since transection of PD was clinically diagnosed, an end-to-end anastomosis was immediately carried out under local anesthesia. Within the early postoperative period, various angiocatheters of progressively increased diameters were used for stenting the repaired PD. After 10 months of follow-up, there were no clinical and ultrasonographic signs of sialocele or fistula formation. This case report aimed first to unders...
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Publication date: Available online 23 May 2019Source: Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology (English Edition)Author(s): Han-Yun Yao, Tsun-Jui Liu, Hui-Chin LaiAbstractBackgroundLeft double-lumen endotracheal tubes have been widely used in thoracic, esophageal, vascular, and mediastinal procedures to provide lung separation. Lacking clear objective guidelines, anesthesiologists usually select appropriately sized double-lumen endotracheal tubes based on their experience with 35 and 37 Fr double-lumen endotracheal tubes, which are the most commonly used. We hypothesized the patients with a left main bronchus of shorter length (
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CRNAs will continue to push to replace anesthesiologists as evident by the recent ridiculous AANA statement. Frankly, what AANA claims disgusts me, but at the same time, I am very disappointed to see that ASA is not responding in any meaningful way. This gives me very little hope regarding the future of the specialty, and makes me think that I chose the wrong field. I chose Anesthesiology because I loved the clinical aspect of it. I always knew the issues regarding CRNA, but did not know it... To young attendings: Do you regret choosing anesthesiology?
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I'm in this position now making changes to my 4th yearschedule and would like any suggestions. I currently have my home anesthesia, 1 away, medicine AI, ICU elective, cardiology elective, and emergency med (all required). I already have sleep med (planning to change, heard from 4th years it's not that good), ICU procedures (essentially night shift, 4th years said it's ok), and online anatomy. I'm thinking of adding online radiology but I still need some more stuff. I'm currently looking at... 4th year electives for anesthesia
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I mean I'll find out after doing a sub-i in each one but I am going to be doing a subi in anesthesia, 1 in medicine, and 1 in ob/gyn. Based on your experience in anesthesia and you perception of its future direction, would you recommend anesthesia or 1 of the other 2?
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