Food banks among recipients of Butterball turkey recalled in salmonella outbreak

At least half a dozen people in three states sickened by bacteria: U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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In this study, microencapsulation is applied for enhancing the stability and efficacy of phages as bio-control agent. Microencapsulated phage cocktail kept in aluminium laminated foil bag (LF) at 4 °C showed the highest survivability with a titer loss of 0.5 log PFU/g after 12 weeks of storage. Titer loss of phage cocktail lysate>4 log PFU/mL was observed after 12 weeks, at 4 °C. Color change of microencapsulated phage cocktail kept in LF at 4 °C did not show any significant difference during storage, and water activity (free water content) at 0.13 was found in these conditions. In-vitro study, S. Ente...
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Abstract Fresh vegetables are important components of an everyday balanced diet making ready to-eat-salads (RTE) a commodity widely consumed. However, in the past few years these products have been linked with outbreaks of salmonellosis and listeriosis; thus the continuous investigation of their safety is an essential requirement. A total of 216 samples of ready-to-eat salads from the Cypriot market were analysed to determine the microbiological quality and safety, along with physicochemical attributes of the salads and identify possible correlations between them. The samples were randomly collected from four reta...
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CONCLUSION: The occurrence of genetically similar diarrheagenic E. coli in both groups of children, likewise resistant to these agents, underscores the importance of establishing strategies for the prevention of outbreaks, especially among low-income households. PMID: 31199225 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Over 220 cases of salmonella have been reported in the past month in outbreaks spanning 41 states, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Thursday, and the agency believes that backyard poultry is to blame.
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(Reuters Health) - U.S. health officials warned pet-owners against kissing and snuggling their hedgehogs as a Salmonella outbreak linked to contact with the animals spread to 17 states.
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This study provides a deep analysis of the intrinsic stress tolerance and virulence capabilities of Salmonella Heidelberg that may have contributed to the length and severity of a recent salmonellosis outbreak. Additionally, this study provides a comprehensive analysis of the transcriptomic response of S. enterica strains to heat stress conditions and compares baseline stationary phase gene expression among outbreak and non-outbreak-associated Salmonella Heidelberg isolates. This data can be used in assay development to screen isolates for stress tolerance and subsequent survival. This study adds to our understanding of th...
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27 people have now been struck by the outbreak of hedgehog-related vomiting in California, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Oregon, Tennessee, Iowa, Virginia and Washington since October.
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Typhoid fever remains a major public health problem in Zimbabwe with recurrent outbreaks reported since 2009. To provide guidance on appropriate treatment choice in order to minimise the morbidity and mortalit...
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Effective control of foodborne pathogens on produce requires science-based validation of interventions and control strategies, which typically involves challenge studies with a set of bacterial strains representing the target pathogens or appropriate surrogates. In order to facilitate these types of studies, a produce-relevant strain collection was assembled to represent strains from produce outbreaks or pre-harvest environments, including L. monocytogenes (n=11), S. enterica (n=23), shiga-toxin producing E. coli (STEC) (n=13), and possible surrogate organisms (n=8); all strains were characterized by whole genome sequencin...
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In this study, a comprehensive and highly-sensitive simultaneous colorimetric detection of environmental and outbreak Salmonella spp. was achieved by a novel optical biosensing platform using oligonucleotide-functionalized AuNPs. A pair of newly-designed single stranded oligonucleotides (30-mer) was displayed onto the surface of AuNPs (13 nm) as detection probes to hybridize with a conserved genomic region (192-bases) of ttrRSBCA found on a broad range of Salmonella spp. strains. The sandwich hybridization (30 min, 55C) resulted in a structural formation of highly-stable oligonucleotide/AuNPs-DNA complexes which remaine...
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