Alzheimer's Vaccine Shows Promise in Mice

Title: Alzheimer's Vaccine Shows Promise in MiceCategory: Health NewsCreated: 11/26/2018 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 11/27/2018 12:00:00 AM
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This study provides strong evidence that following a healthy lifestyle can substantially extend the years a person lives disease-free." Commentary on Recent Evidence for Cognitive Decline to Precede Amyloid Aggregation in Alzheimer's Disease I can't say that I think the data presented in the research noted here merits quite the degree of the attention that it has been given in the popular science press. It is interesting, but not compelling if its role...
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Clearing amyloid-β from the brain has failed to reverse Alzheimer's disease in patients, and this unfortunate outcome is slowly - all too slowly - producing a change in direction in the mainstream of Alzheimer's research. One possible conclusion is that amyloid-β is simply the wrong target, and this has led to a great deal of alternative theorizing in recent years. Even so, the consensus remains that amyloid-β does play a significant role in the condition, albeit not enough of a role in the later stages of Alzheimer's to allow anti-amyloid therapies to work. The jury remains out on whether early reduction in...
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Alzheimers is a devastating diagnosis for people suffering from the disease, as well as their families, but a group of researchers feels that they are one step closer to finding a cure.
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A new mouse study uses a two-pronged approach to designing a vaccine for dementia. The results are encouraging, and a clinical trial may be on the horizon.
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(Flinders University) A vaccine to ward off dementia may proceed to clinical trials after successful animal testing. The US-led research is looking to develop effective immunotherapy via a dual vaccine to remove 'brain plaque' and tau protein aggregates linked to Alzheimer's disease. It is showing success in begenic mice models, supports progression to human trials in years to come.
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(The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) Home for the Holidays - But Will Grandpa Remember Me?Now there's Hope; Hebrew University Team Finds TB Vaccine Lowers Rates of Alzheimer's Disease in Cancer Patients
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In this study, by adenovirus-mediated delivery and inducible transgenic mouse models, we demonstrate the proliferation of both HCs and SCs by combined Notch1 and Myc activation in in vitro and in vivo inner ear adult mouse models. These proliferating mature SCs and HCs maintain their respective identities. Moreover, when presented with HC induction signals, reprogrammed adult SCs transdifferentiate into HC-like cells both in vitro and in vivo. Finally, our data suggest that regenerated HC-like cells likely possess functional transduction channels and are able to form connections with adult auditory neurons. Epige...
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This Viewpoint argues that there is a possibility of finding a path forward in Alzheimer disease prevention with the DNA amyloid β 1-42 timer vaccine that warrants its evaluation in a clinical trial.
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AbstractDeposition of amyloid protein, particularly A β1 ‐42, is a major contributor to the onset of Alzheimer's disease (AD). However, almost no deposition of A β in the peripheral tissues could be found. Human serum albumin (HSA), the most abundant protein in the blood, has been reported to inhibit amyloid formation through binding Aβ, which is believed to play an important role in the peripheral clearance of Aβ. We identified the Aβ binding site on HS A and developed HSA mutants with high binding capacities for Aβ using a phage display method. HSA fragment 187–385 (Domain II) was fo...
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