1 in 5 college students have anxiety or depression

As noted in the latest Center for Collegiate Mental Health report, anxiety and depression are the top reasons that college students seek counseling.
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As the White House doubles down on a zero-tolerance immigration policy that has led to the forced separation of families, medical experts are sounding alarms about the potentially irreparable psychological damage that could plague the children affected. A number of prominent medical organizations, from the American Psychological Association (APA) to the American Academy of Pediatrics, have joined a chorus of regulatory bodies, lawmakers and activists who have condemned the policy. The APA’s president and CEO also sent a letter to President Donald Trump on June 14, urging him to reverse the policy given “multipl...
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Dealing with increased expectations, social pressures both in-person and online and astronomical education costs, all while simultaneously facing major life choices and changes has led to a dangerous epidemic of mental, emotional and behavioral health issues in America’s youth. During college, a majority of students are living on their own for the first time, possibly in an entirely new state or area where they don’t know anyone. They spend nearly half of the time that they are awake on classwork, and the school day never really ends until breaks for holidays and in between semesters. Struggling to keep up with...
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Conclusion: Our study supports an evolving demographic trend with more AFAB than AMAB youth now presenting to gender clinics. The data also corroborate studies indicating that extensive laboratory testing may not be a necessary part of caring for these youths. Why more AFAB are now presenting to clinic and racial/ethnic minorities are underrepresented is not clear, but these trends have important implications for clinical care and warrant further study.Horm Res Paediatr
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Research, published inMolecular Psychiatry, suggests that obesity caused by a high-fat diet may promote the proliferation of gut bacteria that predispose to anxiety and depression.Medical News Today
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(Southern Methodist University) A mild problem-solving task improves brain functioning after a concussion, according to a new study conducted at Southern Methodist University, Dallas. Currently there are many questions about rehabilitation and treatment options, with absolute rest often the go-to treatment. But the new study suggests that a simple cognitive task as early as four days after a brain injury activates the region that improves memory function, and may guard against developing depression or anxiety.
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ConclusionMongolian mind –body interactive psychotherapy is a new method for insomnia, and narrative therapy and hypnotic methods together improve the sleeping condition, However, a further controlled randomized clinical study is needed to understand the efficacy.
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Conclusions An ICU-RC identified a high prevalence of cognitive impairment, anxiety, depression, physical debility, lifestyle changes, and medication-related problems warranting intervention. Whether an ICU-RC can improve ICU recovery in the US should be investigated in a systematic way.
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This study aimed to evaluate the efficacy of iSMIs in subgroups with high symptom severity and to test whether baseline symptom severity moderates treatment outcome. Methods: Data from three randomized controlled trials (N=791) were pooled to identify effect modifiers and to evaluate efficacy in subgroups with different levels of initial symptom severity. The outcomes perceived stress (Perceived Stress Scale, PSS), depression severity (Center for Epidemiological Depression Scale, CES-D), and anxiety (Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale, HADS) symptom severity were assessed at baseline, 7-week postassessment, and 6-month ...
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We studied the effect of chronic injections of serotonin reuptake inhibitor fluoxetine to rats during pregnancy on physiological and behavioral characteristics of female offspring during the prepubertal period. Fluoxetine reduced body weight in newborn females, but this parameter was restored to normal values by the age of 25 days. Fluoxetine also increased animal anxiety, but did not change the level of depressive behavior and cognitive capacities. It was shown that chronic injections of physiological solution to pregnant female enhanced nociceptive responses in the offspring during the prepubertal period, while fluoxetin...
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Migrating from one country to another tends to bring with it a degree of stress as individuals face the task of adjusting to life in a new context and culture. (Berry et al., 1987) Although migration-related stress is to be expected, scholars have cautioned against the assumption that exposure to the stresses of migration and immigrant adaptation necessarily results in psychopathology. (Park and Kemp, 2006, Su árezā€Orozco and Carhill, 2008) Indeed, whereas research in Europe suggests that immigrants are at greater risk of mental illness than are non-migrant Europeans, (Mindlis and Boffetta, 2017, Bourque et al., 2...
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