High flu rate continues to put pressure on GPs

GP practices are continuing to face high rates of consultations for flu, official NHS data confirm.
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Germinal centers (GCs) are major sites of clonal B cell expansion and generation of long-lived, high-affinity antibody responses to pathogens. Signaling through TLRs on B cells promotes many aspects of GC B cell responses, including affinity maturation, class switching, and differentiation into long-lived memory and plasma cells. A major challenge for effective vaccination is identifying strategies to specifically promote GC B cell responses. Here, we have identified a mechanism of regulation of GC B cell TLR signaling, mediated by αv integrins and noncanonical autophagy. Using B cell–specific αv-KO mice,...
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T cell–dependent germinal center (GC) reactions are the pinnacle of adaptive immune responses, with profound effects on human health and disease. It has long been known that ligands of an innate immune pattern recognition receptor subgroup, TLRs, amplify antibody responses; however, the mechanisms regulating this phenomenon are poorly understood. In this issue of the JCI, Raso et al. demonstrate that αvβ3 integrins regulate the magnitude and speed of TLR-augmented GC reactions, limiting both short- and long-term humoral immunity. This phenomenon is dependent on a noncanonical form of the autophagy pathway ...
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(Georgia State University) The critical, structural changes that enveloped viruses, such as HIV, Ebola and influenza, undergo before invading host cells have been revealed by scientists using nano-infrared spectroscopic imaging, according to a study led by Georgia State University and the University of Georgia.
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In this report, we review the contemporary ICU care of the severe influenza patient.
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In this study, we examined the transfer of IAV-specific maternal antibodies to ducklings. Blood samples were collected approximately every five days from ducklings hatched from hens previously infected with an H6 strain of IAV. Serum samples were tested for antibodies to IAV by an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. The median persistence of maternal antibodies in ducklings was 12.5 days (range: 4-33 days) post-hatch. The majority of ducklings (71%) had detectable maternal antibodies from 4 to 17 days post-hatch, while a small subset of individuals (29%) had detectable maternal antibodies for up to 21-33 days post-hatch. An...
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Chung-Young Lee, Se-Hee An, Jun-Gu Choi, Youn-Jeong Lee, Jae-Hong Kim, Hyuk-Joon Kwon
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The Clinical Respiratory Journal,Volume 0, Issue ja, -Not available-.
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by Adam J. Kucharski, Justin Lessler, Derek A. T. Cummings, Steven Riley Human immunity influences the evolution and impact of influenza strains. Because individuals are infected with multiple influenza strains during their lifetime, and each virus can generate a cross-reactive antibody response, it is challenging to quantify the processes that shape observed immune re sponses or to reliably detect recent infection from serological samples. Using a Bayesian model of antibody dynamics at multiple timescales, we explain complex cross-reactive antibody landscapes by inferring participants’ histories of infection with s...
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Therapeutic Apheresis and Dialysis, EarlyView.
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Transboundary and Emerging Diseases,Volume 0, Issue ja, -Not available-.
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