Large BM Intra-Articular Allograft

Posttraumatic tibiotalar arthritis is a challenging problem in young, active patients. Many of these patients do not want to pursue ankle arthrodesis after they fail conservative treatment measures, as they wish to preserve joint motion. Osteochondral shell allograft arthroplasty has been described as a reasonable alternative for treating these patients. The procedure itself is technically demanding; however, with improvements in surgical technique and adequate preoperative patient counseling, it provides improvement in ankle function and has good outcomes for most patients at long-term follow-up.
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We report 3 cases of excision arthroplasty with interpositional Achilles tendon autograft for the treatment of end-stage talonavicular osteoarthritis in low-demand elderly patients.
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Adult acquired flatfoot deformity is a severe condition in which the ankle is markedly affected by medial instability and valgus deformity. Unbalanced forces pose high stress on the tibiotalar joint, and different levels of arthritis may develop. Correcting valgus tilt in the ankle, at the time of flatfoot reconstruction, is imperative to prevent future collapse and the need for ankle arthrodesis or arthroplasty. Unfortunately, there has been no universal procedure adapted by foot and ankle surgeons for repair or augmentation of the deltoid ligament. We recommend a technique of reconstruction of the superficial and deep de...
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Publication date: January 2019Source: The Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery, Volume 58, Issue 1Author(s): Thomas B. Bemenderfer, Robert B. Anderson, Susan M. Odum, W. Hodges DavisABSTRACTRelatively high rates of wound healing complications continue to be reported with a total ankle arthroplasty (TAA) anterior incision. The amniotic membrane-umbilical cord (AM-UC) allograft is a regenerative orthobiologic adjunct that modulates wound healing by down-regulating inflammation, enhancing local healing and antimicrobial factors, and reducing scar formation. The purpose of this study was to determine whether local application of ...
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AbstractPurpose of ReviewTrauma is the principle cause of osteoarthritis in the ankle, which is associated with significant morbidity. This review highlights the current literature for the purpose of bringing the reader up-to-date on the management of posttraumatic ankle arthritis, describing treatment efficacy, indications, contraindications, and complications.Recent FindingsRecent studies on osteoarthritis have demonstrated variability among anatomic locations regarding the mechanisms and rates of development for posttraumatic osteoarthritis, which are attributed to newly discovered biological differences intrinsic to ea...
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AbstractPost-traumatic arthritis (PTA) is characterized by the deterioration of articular cartilage temporally associated with an articular injury. With a paucity of literature comparing joint preservation techniques, we performed a systematic review of the literature intending to describe and summarize the results of ankle distraction arthroplasty as it compares with studies on tibio-talar microfracture, allograft, and autograft for ankle joint preservation in the post-traumatic population under 50  years of age. Research databases were searched and abstracts screened for relevance on our topic of interest. Abstracts...
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Abstract OBJECTIVE: Pain free weight bearing ability with orthograde hindfoot position and preserved tibiotalar motion. INDICATIONS: Symptomatic arthritis of the ankle and subtalar joint, additional subtalar hindfoot malalignment. CONTRAINDICATIONS: Absolute: acute infection, noncorrectable ligamentous instability or bony defects, restricted perfusion, diabetic foot syndrome. Relative: inability to comply with postoperative partial weight bearing, only moderate symptoms of subtalar arthritis, smoking, intricate soft tissue situation. SURGICAL TECHNIQUE: Lateral approach to the subtalar joint. Remova...
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Severe post-traumatic ankle arthritis poses a reconstructive challenge in young and active patients. Although technically demanding and despite unsolved immunological issues, bipolar fresh total osteochondral allograft (BFTOA) represent an intriguing option to arthrodesis and prosthetic replacement. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the outcomes of a series of 48 ankle BFTOA at 10 years follow up and to investigate the rate of survival long term.
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We present a review of the literature pertaining to lateral column arthroplasty as well as a technique performed by the authors utilizing a tensor fascia lata allograft as an interpositional spacer after joint resection. The senior author has used this technique with great success for many years. Level of Evidence: Diagnostic Level 4. See Instructions for Authors for a complete description of levels of evidence.
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Treatment TermsAnkle pain and ankle injuryAnkle replacement surgeryOrthopaedics SEO Meta Description Ankle fusion and ankle replacement can relieve ankle pain and restore motion when nonsurgical treatments aren ’t effective. Author Karen Doss Bowman Sub-Title Choosing the right ankle surgery OverviewWhen persistent ankle arthritis from a chronic ankle injury or ankle fracture makes walking, exercise or climbing stairs unbearable, it’s time to consider your treatment options. Ankle fusion and ankle replacement can relieve ankle pain and restore motion when nonsurgical treatments aren’t effective. Or...
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Hallux rigidus is a painful arthritic condition of the first metatarsal phalangeal joint. For over 40 years, cheilectomy has been considered a first-line surgical treatment for mild and moderate cases of hallux rigidus. Despite successful results in the majority of cases, cheilectomy sometimes fails. Therefore, a number of revision surgical treatment options are available including joint-salvaging procedures such as repeat cheilectomy, dorsal osteotomy of the proximal phalangeal base, or interposition arthroplasty with allograft tissue. These revision surgical procedures will be discussed along with factors such as patient...
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